Pelican captures birds eye view of Mahale Mountains

The first ever Pelican's eye view footage of Greystoke Mahale, courtesy of Big Bird, our adopted Great White Pelican now resident at Greystoke

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The Peli-Cam
A unique view of Greystoke Mahale

Kuro Tarangire is a perfect complement

If you're thinking of visiting the Serengeti this year, don't miss out on all that Tarangire has to offer.

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Kuro Tarangire
Add Tarangire to your Northern Tanzania Safari

Transport yourself...

Six great little 3 min movies that will take you directly into the Mahale Mountains, to the great Rufiji in the Selous or the depths of the Serengeti.

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Nomad Movies
3 min movies to make your day.

"Secret Season" is between November & March.

Why should you travel then? 

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Why "Secret Season"
People in the know travel out of high season.

This time of year is a photographer's dream...

Clear air, gorgeous landscapes, dramatic skies - all to yourself. (pic taken at Lamai in February).

Stay at any Nomad Camp for only $450ppn out of peak season. 7 nights from $3965pps.

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Why "Secret Season"?
Fabulous scenery...

From calving season in the southern Serengeti to chimping in Mahale...

The wildlife is fantastic at this time of year.  You just gotta know where to go. (pic taken at Serengeti Safari Camp in January).

Stay at any Nomad Camp for only $450ppn out of peak season. 7 nights from $3965pps.

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Why "Secret Season"?
Great game...

African birds are never more spectacular.

The place is packed full of migrant birds and a dazzling array of breeding plumage. (pic taken at Sand Rivers Selous in December).

Stay at any Nomad Camp for only $450ppn out of peak season. 7 nights from $3965pps.

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Why "Secret Season"?
Amazing birds...

BIG value...

Prices are lower at this time of year and you could save more than $2000 on a 7 night safari. (pic taken in Selous in March).

Stay at any Nomad Camp for only $450ppn out of peak season. 7 nights from $3965pps.

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Why "Secret Season"?
Fabulous value....

Nomad Tanzania is one of East Africa's original safari companies.

For the past 20 years we've pioneered, owned and operated our outstanding small safari camps in three of the remotest corners of Tanzania.  If you are looking for superb locations, exceptional guiding and the essence of safari, get in touch.

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Featured Safari:

10n Serengeti migration, wild Katavi, Mahale chimps

3nt Serengeti Safari Camp

4nt Chada Katavi

3nt Greystoke Mahale

Possibly the wildest 10 days you can spend on safari anywhere in Africa.  From the migration action to the intensity of big game in Katavi and chimps and beach in Mahale.

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Day 1. Arusha to Serengeti Safari Camp

  • Early pick-up from Kilimanjaro International Airport or your Arusha hotel for a 1 hour flight to either the western corridor or northern Serengeti, depending on where the migration is.
  • You'll be met at the airstrip by your private car and guide and settle in to your comfortable tent. Serengeti Safari Camp moves seasonally to a different location every few months.
  • Enjoy a relaxed afternoon in camp or head our for gentle drive, ...
Day 1.

Day 2. Serengeti Safari Camp

  • Head out after an early breakfast with your private car and guide and a picnic lunch in search of the great herds.
  • A private guide allows you great flexibility to pursure your interests and dictate how your day unfolds.  Nomad guides are experienced and knowledgeable and will plan each day with you the evening before.
  • The Serengeti is not all about the migration - there's a wonderful array of big game and birdlife. Exploring this ...
Day 2.
ssc migration

Day 3. Serenget Safari Camp

  • Much time at this time of the year can be spent in search of dramatic crossings of the Mara or Grumeti River.  This is an exercise in patience, often requiring a day spent out at camp.  Your private guide can shed light on the spectacle of the migration and all its phases.  The herds and accompanying predators, the great skies and expansive scenery - all in the company of an expert guide and with the freedom of your own vehicle, will keep ...
Day 3.
Chada Katavi aerial

Day 4. Serengeti to Chada Katavi

  • This morning hop on the Nomad scheduled charter to the far west of Tanzania.  Katavi is a wilderness in every sense. 4500km2 of big animal country with just a small handful of visitors every year.  Chada Katavi is the original Katavi camp and still retains its pioneering heritage.
  • Settle in, have a delicious lunch and a siesta before heading out for a game drive and sundowner.  Check out the huge numbers of hippo and crocodiles that ...
Day 4.

Day 5. Chada Katavi

  • Waking up under canvas in such a wild place, to the birdsong and cool morning air is made more delightful with the arrival of a fresh pot of tea on your verandah.
  • Dress in layers and hop in the open vehicle for a drive along the water-courses.  Katavi's variety of wildlife is often most evident gathering long the riverlines, and it is known for its vast herds of buffalo, great populations of elephant and lion.
  • Return to camp in the ...
Day 5.

Day 6. Chada Katavi

  • This morning you may want to relax on your verandah and watch what comes calling on the plains beyond camp.  Elephant, giraffe and bushbuck are often regular visitors to camp, as are a multitude of birds.
  • After lunch, you may have decided to take a walking safari to a flycamp for a night of adventure.  If you've booked this in advance, you're in for a's a memorable night!
  • Alternatively, enjoy a walk or a drive before ...
Day 6.

Day 7. Chada Katavi

Day 7.
mahale wide shot

Day 8. Katavi to Greystoke Mahale

You have a relaxed start to the day this morning, with a leisurely breakfast and a late morning flight on to your next destination.  The hour long flight to Mahale is a lovely journey in itself.  Land at the strip on the edge of Lake Tanganyika and board your dhow.  Snacks and drinks on board will keep you happy while you sink into the cushions, relax and enjoy the view of the forested mountains sloping toward the waterline.

The arrival at ...

Day 8.
Greystoke Mahale chimp 7 - MICHAEL POLIZA

Day 9.

After a hectic safari week, you'll be happy to know that you can have a relaxed start today.  The sun rises late behind the mountains and you can amble down for breakfast while the scouts head up into the forests to locate the chimps.  A small group of Mahale's significant population of wild chimpanzees have been habituated by Kyoto University, and these are the individuals that we seek.  They are still very wild and "habituated" simply means ...

Day 9.

Day 10.

As with yesterday, a relatively gentle start preceeds your hike up into the forests in search of our chimpanzee friends.  Along the way you'll see other primates, interesting flora and hear about the social behaviour of the chimps from our expert guides.  Our guides and scouts have spent much time in these forests and their passion and knowledge is evident.

In the afternoon, we'd recommend a trip out into the lake for a deep water swim.  ...

Day 10.
Greystoke Mahale boat - DAVID ROGERS

Day 11. Depart Greystoke Mahale

Day 11.

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