What our guests say about us.

David Attenbourgh moments!!!

From the moment we stepped off the plane we knew we were in good hands, and were not disappointed. Our host and hostess, Eric and Natasha, were the epitome of graciousness. They were both extremely welcoming and had no problem answering all of our questions. Sand Rivers as a lodge is in a perfect location, with both rooms and the central area overlooking the river, which was always full of hippo, crocodile, a variety of birds, monkeys and so much more. Our room was beautiful, with stunning views of the river. Despite being warned against the monkeys, we never had an issue and couldn't have felt safer. As for our game drive guide, Hamadi, we couldn't have asked for a more personable, knowledgeable or charming man. He was the reason for some of the most amazing sightings (definite David Attenbourgh moments!!), such as when we came across a pack of wild dog hunting for their next meal! We also saw an abundance of Giraffe, Lion, Impala, Zebra, Bush Buck, Water Buck, with not a single boring moment. We would also recommend if you have the time, to take the opportunity to have breakfast down river amongst the hippo and crocodiles, and take the evening to fish. The food was delicious and the choice to sit around one big table with the rest of the guests made the whole experience even more magical. Myself and my Grandmother can't recommend Sand Rivers, or Nomad Tanzania enough.

Sand Rivers Selous, August 2017

Mkombe’s House was Our House

We arrived about 12 days ago after a short flight from Arusha. Seven of us, enough to fill the four bedrooms very comfortably. Gabu delivered us to Babu and his staff, who were very straight forward in welcoming us "home."
And home it was for three wonderful nights. Our room looked out on the plains of the Serengeti, with wildebeests nearby, but not as close as cape buffalo, baboons, and, at night, lions on the prowl. Our patio was huge, above the pool, with lounges perfect for a nap or catching up on our reading. 

Babu's staff, including the twins Husseni and Hassani, were there when we wanted help and invisible at other times. Prior to meals, they appeared and played games with us, taught us about their wonderful oasis and its native inhabitants, and served us appetizers. Then the meals came, perfectly prepared and irresistible. The food was world class, served simply, but elegantly, including a wonderful surprise for Wendy's birthday. 

The accommodations were the equivalent of any five star hotel in LA or NY, but much larger. And they bring the natural luxury of quiet, that is if you consider the wild roars of lions and other animals "quiet." Henry saw the source of those roars pass by his window. 
You cannot get any closer to the incredible Serengeti wildlife than Mkombe's House. Up at 6, in the funny jeep like viewing vehicle, and within seconds, you are saying good morning to zebra, wildebeests, gazelles, elephants, hippos, crocs, lions, cheetahs, leopards, many different avian species, ostriches, hyenas, jackals, . . . shall I go on? The morning is interrupted by breakfast that is wonderful, perhaps enhanced by being outdoors in that wonderful air, but totally enjoyable. Served by Gabu as though serving the seven of us were a "piece of cake." That and more. 
 Would we repeat this visit? In a NY Minute.

Mkombe's House, August 2017

Hands down the BEST camp during our entire safari!

We stayed at Serengeti Safari Camp and it was absolutely amazing! We stayed at 4 different camps during our 12 day safari and this was absolutely the best one out of them all. My husband and I are 5 star hotel type seasoned travellers (think Four Seasons in Bora Bora and the Penisula in both Bangkok and NY) and after receiving excellent service at those hotels, my husband remarked that the service he received at the Serengeti Safari camp was the best service he had ever received in his life!! Kudos to the staff. They were simply outstanding and the food was AMAZING. I am not sure how they do it being that this is a mobile camp and all but the food was better than a lot of the thriving restaurants in NY. I will definitely spread the word to my friends and colleagues about this place.

Serengeti Safari Camp, July 2017

Truly magical!

One of the most impressive places we've ever stayed! The stylish super luxury tents, the unforgettable spectacular view, the warm fireplace, all so wonderful. What really stood out for us the most, was the way manager Ben and his staff made us feel totally at home. We never met such an outstanding team totally committed to this magical place they created. Thanks for an experience our family of 5 ( kids 11,13 and 15) will never ever forget.

Denise, Entamanu Ngorongoro, July 2017

What makes this camp so special is the staff.

As of June 2017, this tented camp went from being mobile to becoming permanent. What makes this camp so special is the staff. Mollel and his team went out of their way to make our stay comfortable and memorable. The location allows you to come almost face to face with all the wildlife in the area. Elephants walked in front of our tent each day. The tents include flushing toilets and bucket showers, which are surprisingly efficient and delivered anytime you wish. There is electricity, and wifi is available. The food is incredible! Everything is freshly prepared each day. If you're looking for an authentic experience in Tarangire National Park with a comfortable setting, Kuro Tarangire is the perfect place! Thanks to the camp manager, Mollel and Nathan, our guide, for a wonderful experience.

Erica, Kuro Tarangire, July 2017


Lamai Serengeti is one of the best places I've ever stayed. The pure natural beauty would be enough but couple that with amazing service and stunning decorated rooms, just puts this lodge above the rest. Our suite was the highest on the property which afforded spectacular views right from your bed. Large decks with views for miles. I could go on and on about the bathrooms as well. Fantastic showers offering the same amazing views! Best leopard sightings. The big male out in the open on a termite mound. We would leave early every day with a delicious pack breakfast to explore this great area. You come back around noon for a large lunch spread. A few hours to relax back in your room or take a lap in the pool. Then back out for a evening drive with sundowners. Everything was just perfect! Their unpretentious style and warm service makes Lamai the only place to stay in the area.

Lamai Serengeti, June 2017

They say this is a once-in-a-lifetime trip, but we hope that’s not the case for us.

We can't really express how great a time we had. The safari was excellent, Nomad's camps were unbelievable and we loved our guide, Festo. We feel really lucky that he was the one showing us around Tanzania and the Serengeti, as he seemed able to spot wildlife from remarkable distances and had encyclopedic knowledge about everything we were seeing. He was also just a really fun and nice man. I hope Nomad realizes how valuable he is to them.

More broadly, the staff at Nomad were really remarkable in their service, and in making us feel at home. Really can't recommend all of them enough — particularly Ben at Camp Etamanu. We also joked when we arrived in Amsterdam that we were on our own because we no longer had Vanessa setting up car rides and hotels for us. Every driver was on time and every hotel went off without a hitch.

They say this is a once-in-a-lifetime trip, but we hope that's not the case for us.

Swanson, March 2017

We loved this lodge so much because it was so connected to nature

We fell equally in love with Nomad's Lamai Serengeti. Spectacular...As you know, I was very concerned that this time of year would be too quiet without any animals. And we saw the Big 5 in less than 12 hours. We saw 7 leopards in total, there was a pride of lions that lived within minutes from the lodge, and a tree full of baboons directly below our room. We would regularly see giraffes, zebras and elephants from our room's private deck. I can't imagine there being a place so densely packed with animals, where every game drive you would see different ones, but always SO MANY. And yet, it never felt crowded with cars or touristy.

Our A++ guide Lazaro was amazing. Please tell Nomad he is the best of the best and we love him..we heard from the other guides that he was the legend, and had been doing it for 23 years. 

We were also spoiled by what a spectacular lodge the Lamai Serengeti is...We loved this lodge so much because it was so connected to nature, with each room built into the rocks, no phones, little-to-no internet, and a hike to and from our room...And yet, it was simultaneously so elegant and high-end; the rooms were gorgeously designed, mostly-mesh to give you the full experience of being in the Serengeti, with sweeping views. The food was incredible. And every morning, we were awoken by Daniel softly knocking on our door and sliding our coffee order into a box in our room at whatever wake-up time we had requested the previous night. Each game drive, a stunning, decadent and delicious buffet of a breakfast was set up at one spectacular view or another...And again, it was the people who made it so special - we loved all of the staff who gamely tried to teach us Swahili every time we asked them, we loved our bodyguard Mr. P, and we LOVED Lazaro. We only wish we had spent more nights there, and plan to when we go back. 

Cavalero, January 2017

I can’t remember us being so sad to leave anywhere as much as when we had to leave Lamai.

I wanted to express sincerest thanks on behalf of my partner Georgina and myself to you and all at Nomad for providing us with the opportunity to return to Tanzania and experience two more of your wonderful camps. We had a fantastic time and were looked after so well by your incomparable staff. Everybody was superb but special thanks to Filbert and Joseph at Serengeti Migration Camp and Baraka, Lawrence (a wonderful man) and Robert at Lamai. It was obvious from talking to your staff how much pride they take in their work and how much they value working for Nomad. This is clearly reflected in the experience they provide for guests. It was lovely to meet a couple of members of staff that we had met last year, it almost felt like meeting old friends again. We have been very fortunate to have travelled a great deal but I can't remember us being so sad to leave anywhere as much as when we had to leave Lamai. There is clearly a huge amount of hard work that goes into providing such a great experience for your guests, we can fully appreciate how much effort that goes on behind the scenes. We hope very much to return to experience Nomad camps again in the future.

Flynn, February 2017

Incredible hidden gem.

Entamanu was an absolutely amazing place to experience the Crater from. Ben and his team are all so kind, friendly, helpful and generally great to be around. The "tents" are just brilliant , so incredibly comfortable and beautiful, with the individual porch a magical place to enjoy unparalleled views of the crater. Special mention for the beds, seriously comfortable, particularly with a hot water bottle at night to keep out the chill! The shower is also better than a lot of hotels I've stayed in, which is remarkable given Entamanu's epic remote location. The lounges are lovely and cosy with the roaring fireplaces, and the communal dining is a great touch. The food was also top class. All in all, a magical place. Asante sana Entamanu!

Entamanu Ngorongoro, February 2017


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