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We spent a long time wishing for a trip to Greystoke…

We had spent a long time wishing for a trip to Greystoke and when we finally arrived there our expectations were very high - we always try to keep them low but all the comments on this place makes it impossible. We were not disappointed at all. The feeling of getting to camp by boat from the airstrip is really "an adventure" - although with a great  VIP treatment from the first minute! Reaching the beach and looking at the green mountains with the birds and cicadas singing took our breaths away...and then we noticed the welcome party with an unusual member: no less than a pelican walking at Mark's heel!! now that was unexpected!!!

It would be too long to describe our 4 days experience there so I will try and stick to the main points...those chimps are just amazing!! We were so lucky (Mwiga our super expert super funny super friendly guide nicknamed us the "lucky group") to see the chimps during the three guided walks, plus once during our forest walk just behind camp!! We had the chance to see them grooming, resting, hunting a monkey, fishing for ants, shouting at us to warn us of a snake....Only one day we walked 45 minutes, otherwise it was just a 15 minutes stroll. Apparently it was the season and our luck.

We went to visit the Katumbi village (clinic and school sponsored by Nomad) and we felt it was good to give a little back.

We went out on the dhow in the afternoon and enjoyed the relaxing feeling of the camp. We played with "the bird" and watched monkeys and warthogs.

All meals are communal and we really liked having the chance to chat to Mark and the other guests. At sundown the guides also joined us for a chat and that was always a great time too.
the bandas (not sure how to call them) are great and so is the food- a mystery considering their location!

In a nutshell we felt privileged to be there and would recommend highly recommend it!

Mr & Mrs Merlo, Jan 2015

Amazing staff at Chada and Greystoke made my stay


I just wanted to write and let you know that my stay at Chada Katavi was an amazing experience.  Neither my friend nor I had ever been to Africa before and Chada was our first introduction to safari and the continent.  Mohammed, Emmanuel and the entire staff were so hospitable, genuine, enthusiastic and knowledgeable.

I think this picture depicts the kind of stay that we had!  I have a few more with the staff working, but thought this one was the best.  If any of them would like to see more photos from our stay, please let me know or feel free to forward my email address to any of them!

It will be one of my greatest memories of my trip and of my many travels around the world.  Please pass my thank you on to Mohammed and the entire staff.

I also wanted to add that Mwiga at Mahale had the most incredible enthusiasm and abundance of knowledge too.  He along with Butati made our stay there visiting the chimps a breathless experience too!

Thank you so much!

A Zelinsky, US, Dec 2014

It was truly a trip of a lifetime.

We are back home in Boston - but I wanted to write and say thanks again. It was truly the trip of a lifetime. The whole trip went off like clockwork, so thanks for all the arrangements. Rem, as our guide, was fantastic and we thoroughly enjoyed the 8 days with him from Arusha throughout the Ngorongoro and to the Serengeti. We loved both the Nomad camps - the mobile camp was a very unique experience and Babu and Philbert and all the guys did a great job of looking after us. The Lamai is so special - what a stunning location - I could have stayed for days. Nick and Jana were superb hosts and we loved it there. The cool part was that we met many of the same people at both the mobile camp and at Lamai - so it was a bit of a family feel after a few days.

Moynihan Family, Nov 14

All the attributes wanted in a guide…

We had Philip Pendael as our guide from Nov 6-11. Phil took through the crater and finished in Tarangire NP. He was simply fantastic on every level. Professional, fun, smart.... All the attributes wanted in a guide.  How fantastic it was to have him for the last leg of our trip. Please forward our thanks to him!

Peterson, Nov 14

A lifetime experience…

A lifetime experience whose memories will never be forgotten.  From start to finish Nomad surpassed all expectations and the level of service was fantastic.  The perfect balance of complete remoteness combined with absolute luxury.  Many, many thanks to the Nomad team and our superb guide Geoffrey.

J & E Piachaud, Hong Kong, Nov 2014

I felt compelled to write

During the summer we had the pleasure of staying with Nomad Tanzania and I felt compelled to write and thank you for the amazing experience that your company and staff provided for us.

We were travelling with our three daughters, aged 11, 14 and 18 years, and another family with two boys aged 14 and 17 years. It is always a challenge to find a holiday that will suit all the children/ young adults with such a wide range of ages and expectations but the safari to Tanzania was fantastic for everyone.

Our first camp was Kigelia in Ruaha from 26th to 29th of July and then Kiba Point in Selous until 2nd August and finally onto Zanzibar.

I cannot praise the staff in both of the camps highly enough, from the camp managers, the guides and the chefs to the general workers who were all so helpful, friendly, courteous and professional. The standard of accommodation far surpassed our expectations and the quality of the food in both camps was truly outstanding. We were in awe at the delicious meals that were produced from such small kitchens and the variety of the menus.

The experience of sleeping in a tent in the middle of the bush with wild animals roaming around the camp and the roaring of lions nearby was something we will never forget.  Or the fact that a family of elephants strolled around the dining tent whilst we were enjoying an afternoon cup of tea.  My husband is South African but I had never been to Africa before and I was initially apprehensive about the potential dangers inherent in being on safari but the staff were so knowledgeable and attentive that we felt completely safe and protected at all times despite being so close to nature.

We enjoyed the rustic charms of Kigelia with the open air shower and large comfortable tents but we also appreciated the attention to detail such as the coffee and biscuits provided with the wake up call at 6am, hot water bottles in the beds at night and the fact that dinner was served in a different location each evening.  The candle-lit dinner in the sand river was really magical. The staff were fabulous with the children, taking them all off together in the jeep and creating competitions on fact-finding missions.

Arriving at Kiba Point was amazing. The luxury and opulence of the central area and the individual rooms was totally unexpected – as was the complete openness of the rooms!

I would like to pay particular thanks to Hamza, manager and guide, who worked tirelessly to give us the most amazing and memorable time both on boat safaris and in the bush. One of the boys turned 18 during our stay and it was a truly spectacular day ending with a surprise cake celebration with all of the staff joining in with singing and dancing. A special thanks also goes to Hamisi (dubious spelling!) who went to enormous trouble to fashion a fancy dress outfit out of everyday items especially for the occasion. Thanks also to Milton who was always around to serve drinks and food and tend to our every need. It was fascinating to chat to him and learn details of his family life; a family that was 2 days travel away. The fact that the camps were so small and personal added greatly to our experience of African life. The chef, whose name unfortunately I do not know, was kind enough to allow our youngest daughter to help him in the kitchen to prepare the dinner one evening, as baking is her passion at the moment.

I certainly didn’t intend to wax lyrical when I started this letter but it was impossible not to become caught up in such wonderful memories so thank you again and please pass on our thanks and gratitude to all the staff in both camps.

Hughes family, July 2014

Magical Mahale

What can we say about Greystoke, Mahale? The camp is wonderful with spacious comfortable bandas well spaced out along the back of the beach with the communal area centrally placed. The setting is magical - beautiful white sand on the shores of the crystal clear Lake Tanganyika with wonderful sunsets reflected in the waters each evening. As the dhow, which had brought us from the airstrip to the camp, pulled onto the beach we were greeted by staff who implored us to quickly disembark as there were 2 chimpanzees in the camp - which watched, awestruck, as the chimps played in the trees by the camp kitchen and then followed them up the small hill behind the camp where we stood watching them groom each other. We could not have asked for a better start to our stay at the camp. The days that followed were fantastic with marvellous sightings of chimps quite low down and relatively close to the camp on the first day, the second day the chimps had taken themselves off into the mountains so we left the younger guests to make that trek!! On our final day there were a few chimps low down so Peter and I (the geriatrics!!) opted to trek them whilst the other guests had quite a gruelling hike back into the mountains to find the main group. Our little trek turned into a delightful nature walk seeing not only chimps but other wildlife too. Our guide Butati told us about the vegetation and plant life and spotted things that we would have just not seen like the green spotted tree snake - very interesting. Each afternoon after a siesta we all went out in the dhow - the plan was a gentle trip on the water but once the fishing lines came out some how there became a great rivalry between the men and the women as to who could catch the most, the biggest and the smallest fish! I caught the first one - a yellow belly - and for that I had to kiss the fish. Later , Sarah, another guest caught a huge fork tail perch. Over the days we were there the women caught the most and the biggest fish but Peter won the prize for thesmallest! Each evening we had sushi, to accompany our pre dinner drinks, made from some of the yellow belly caught that day, on the first day we also enjoyed some of the fork tail perch with our dinner. Any remaining big fish went to the staff or TANAPA . The small fish were the most important catch - they were for Big Boy the habituated pelican at the camp who is unable to fish for himself. On our last afternoon dhow trip apart from the fishing we also went up a river seeing some interesting bird life as well as many crocodile. We had also had the opportunity to swim in the lake. All the staff at Greystoke are fantastic. Our guides Mwega and Butati were marvellous. Their knowledge of the chimps (knowing each one by name and recognising their voices) was amazing and their general knowledge about the environment etc second to none. Added to this they were a fantastic double act and should they ever retire from guiding should go on stage!! Pity they are Arsenal supporters!! (I jest!) A very big thank you to Kerry who managed to keep smiling and keep every thing running smoothly despite her damaged ankle whilst her husband, Geoff (camp manager) and Cameron ( about to take over from Geoff) both took to their beds with flu. Thanks also for our birthday cakes.
The Dodds, Sept 14

Katavi is like no other place I have seen with such bizarre interaction of wildlife.

Sitting on the verandah of my delightful room at Kigelia after a brilliant first morning in the very diverse and most fascinating National Park, having seen many different mammals already but of most interest for me was a first was to see a male lion mate with three of his lionesses!

I thought you might be interested to know how our week at Katavi went? We were very fortunate to have been there during a week of much change. A number of the pools which had large numbers of hippo in at the beginning were vacated before we left, more fish eagles than I have seen anywhere, great interaction between the marabous, yellowbill storks, pelicans, crocs, catfish and hippos as perches! Lion daily, 3 magnificent sightings of leopard, one walking right past one of your vehicles with guests in, pic of which I shall send after my return home. Good numbers of giraffe and a herd of 10 roan which was more than I expected to see.

Chada Camp is so well run by Mohammed who is not only a wonderful host, but a real gentleman who is not scared to get his hands dirty and lead by example. You have a real gem there, but then I am sure you know that! The camp staff so pleasant and accommodating in every way!

However our highlight was the fly camping and our guide Samuel. Despite it being quite hot the little fly tents were perfect to begin on the night of full moon and watch its slow and bright trajectory across the sky each night from our beds. The wind blew through the gauze well and made the nights cooler than in the main camp tents, which by the way are very
comfortable and want for nothing. As water was very scarce in the Park we spent two nights camping between the big hippo pool at the concrete well and Fox's Camp, 50m from about 250 hippo which made for very noisy nights, just what we wanted! The second camp was on the west side of the Katsanga Plain, no sign or sound of humanity, wide open spaces and 39 elephant on the plain the following morning to greet us, another magic night! Our last nights camping was in a beautiful spot on the Chada Plain on the road to Paradise, possibly the moist beautiful site we had but our favourite camp site must have been the first one as there was so much activity there, including a lot of elephant and giraffe.

One of the main reasons we enjoyed the fly camping so much was the delightful crew we had, all just brilliant! Food as good as in Chada Camp and again we wanted for nothing and enjoyed having such a private experience in such beautiful sites.

Last and not least was our guide Samuel, always cheerful, energetic, nothing ever a problem, enthusiastic about all we encountered! To keep that up for 7 days and in such heat is quite an accomplishment and talent. He drove considerately for us and the wildlife. In the course of my work as a traveling guide I have been out with a huge number of guides across
the continent, however Samuel has to go down as one of the most enjoyable I have ever had the pleasure to spend time with! There are guides I have been with who might know more, but few that are such great company and is that not what it is about at the end of the day?

Diana did shed quite a few tears as we left Samuel, not something she does often! The vehicle went well and I have to confess there is nothing constructive I can offer on your Katavi operation. The wildlife there is quite unique, possibly the word I dislike most in the travel industry as it has to be the most overused word, normally not true to its real meaning, but Katavi is like no other place I have seen with such bizarre interaction of wildlife in such a small area. Our sincere appreciation to all involved in making it such a rewarding and unforgettable week and I have to say the fly camping and Katavi has so far been the highlight of the entire safari so far!!

Garth Thompson, Private Guide, Oct 2014

I much appreciated our guide’s concern for the ecology of the area

We came here after being in similar camps in Kenya. While they were all good, this has got to be the highlight of the trip. David, our guide, was outstanding. In addition to his knowledge of the wildlife, David was willing to talk to us about the culture of the native people and how he became a guide and his life before that. Of course, our biggest goal this time of year was to see a wildebeest crossing. He would carefully park so as not to disturb the wildlife even if we asked to get closer. He also politely chastised other guides that were not as careful about where they parked. I very much appreciated his concern about the ecology of the area and discussions about the various animals. The camp site was awesome as well. Yes, we stayed in a tent, but it was as luxurious as any hotel room could be, complete with hot showers and flushing toilets even though they were "bucket" showers and composting toilets. The meals shared with the other guests and some of the personnel from the camp were outstanding. I also liked the fact that the guides came to pre-dinner cocktail time to visit with the guests. Of course, we saw all of the wildlife -- lions feeding, cheetahs, leopards, elephants, buffalo, wildebeest crossings, all kinds of antelope, hyena, jackal, zebra, giraffe and all kind of birds.

Reviewed on Trip Advisor, Oct 2014

Our experience at Lamai Serengeti was one not to be forgotten.

Our experience at Lamai Serengeti was one not to be forgotten. Our accommodations were fabulous overlooking the Serengeti. The main building was quite large with plenty of couches and sitting areas for relaxing. One of the things we liked was the availability of sitting at the common table which gave us the opportunity to meet many interesting people. We later ran into this at other camps. Our food was fabulous, as it was every where we went. We so enjoyed the managing couple of the camp who have been replaced by two others whom we met in the Seleous. They are equally friendly and helpful and informative .

The Serengeti is a wonderful place to see lots of animals. We saw a pride of 27 lions, seeing 21 of them. We watched the 4 month old cubs play for an hour. We got to see the crossing of the Wildebeests on the Mara river. One doesn't always get to see them migrating so we were lucky. 

This is a beautiful camp to stay in with gorgeous views. There is also a pool if one desires. We were here in late August and had lovely weather.

Reviewed on TripAdvisor, September 2014


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