Chada Katavi

The Original Katavi Camp

Katavi National Park, in the far west of Tanzania, is somewhere that, even today, few people have been lucky enough to visit. Perhaps because of this, it feels untouched almost like traveling back in time; Chada Katavi sits in the midst of this truly wild place. 

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Fri, Sep 25, 2015

When “Josephine’s ” family come and have a share with us!

It's just always so magic when Josephine and her kids come and share a bit with us. This week we were eating lunch when our friends had the great idea to visit us, as they so often do. That time was so lovely as our little "James" had a nap between the legs our his brothers! Such great and funny to watch! So happy for our guests to witness this magical experience, having the chances to be so closed from our dear friends! 

Josephine, we just so much love you here in Chada...... Thanks my beauty for being around!   Julien

Tue, Sep 22, 2015

King Chada leading his pride to the night’s hunt!

Our Chada pride with his king are ruling the Katuma River's edges those last few weeks. 3 nights ago, our guests went on an nightgame drive discovering our pride having a nice dinner, buffalo was on the menu! Such a great spotting for our guests with some individuals walking around the car, destroying bones, roaring for success! A bit earlier in the day, our guides felt the need of hunt of our pride, with King Chada (on the next photo) looking aroung with as you can see a quiet empty belly. Well it didn't take long to fill that up, a few hours later, such a great "Devour Show" could be witnessed by our guests!! Thanks Jonathan Wynne for those photos my friend! Julien


Thu, Sep 10, 2015

Chada Pride new fashion for climbing trees!


Our Chada Pride this last few weeks starting to have a great new habit, climbing trees! It is not often we actually seeing them spotting from those, and it can be even very funny! On the second photo taken by our guide Onesmo, you can see this teenager trying to mimic his mother but this guy didn't choose the perfect branche, or i would say the perfect tree, just a very small one!! During at least 30 minutes he was moving, changing positions, no, was difficult, very difficult! And here he was, finally, he settled in like that! Yes as you can see, he got lots to learn yet from Mother!!     The Chada Team


Sat, Aug 29, 2015

Our female leopard “Dogo”

For the last week we have the chance to follow the adventures of our female leopard "Dogo"! This lady found the perfect spot along the Katuma River, using a beautiful Rain Tree as great spotting point. Not far from that a rank of impalas were grassing around, "Dogo" took her chance with excellent success and as we came back the next day, Dogo was lying down with one of those impalas hanging down from the tree!  Karin and Chris Ferrante our guests for one week gave me this great and special picture on the top, "Dogo" checking her impala before getting a nice nap at the shadow!   Big thanks guys!!  The Chada team

Fri, Aug 14, 2015

It’s what we call a “happy” leopard in Katavi!


On the beginning of this week, just great fun for our guests! First driving of their day and here is this wonderful female leopard coming out from the bush, and slowly walking towards the car! Than again, sniffing the tyre, hop, just passing in the front and a few meters later, a bit of a nap for her! Well, it's what we call a relax and a happy leopard! So great!  Julien


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