Kuro Tarangire

Tarangire is the essence of the rich African wildlife experience

Second only to the Serengeti in its concentration of wildlife, Tarangire is an echo of those early pioneering safaris.

Wed, Aug 9, 2017

We have a new look!

Our sun slatted little bushcamp has had a revamp this season, and I am sure you will agree it is looking beautiful! We have upgraded the rooms to have a more permanent feel, on wooden decking with thatch roofs, big verandas, indoor and outdoor showers and proper flush loos. But, Kuro is right at our hearts' core and we wanted to keep our little bushcamp atmosphere. So, we have stayed true to our roots with only six rooms, with one family unit. Tarangire for us is all about getting right out there on foot, on night drives, in our 4x4's to explore further afield. It is wild and beautiful and we love how our camp compliments its' surroundings, drawing inspiration from the bush. We will let the pics speak for themselves. 

Mon, Nov 14, 2016


Nomad Project Manager, Paddy, recently headed to Kuro Tarangire with his family to remind himself what life in the bush is all about.  He found the place swarming with elephant and sent a few pictures to prove it (we did actually believe him without the evidence but if he needed to do it, then who are we to argue?).  We thought we'd share them with you.

So close you can count the wrinkles. I mean if that's your bag.

Eyes on the prize. Too busy looking at the elephants?? Don't forget to caste your eyes upward every now and then.

We could spend days watching family groups of elephants. It NEVER gets dull.

The Silale Swamp - usually teeming with bird and animal life of all sizes.

The sunsets aren't bad either. At least when you see this, you know there's a cold g&t nearby.

Photos by Paddy MacMullen.

Mon, Sep 22, 2014

22 wild dog kill impala in Kuro Tarangire

Emmanuel Njawa, current manager at Kuro Tarangire just sent this fabulous account of the weekend's excitement in camp...

"We woke up early this morning trying to clean the mess created by honey badgers who raided us in the night, and from the staff camp side, a male impala came full speed with 22 wild dogs in hot pursuit. They made the kill two metres right of the mess.

We woke our wageni (guests) to see the episode and then some of the painted wolves moved away after they had eaten. We didn't know there was one dog still wondering around who flushed a reed buck and began to chase it . The reed buck ran into the mess, was flushed out by the dog, ran to tent number 4 where we were standing and stopped, and of course the dog had to stop too as we were there (not intentionally but to watch the drama). The buck was thus saved."

Thu, Sep 4, 2014

Big game at Kuro

The camp staff and guides have been reporting that wildlife at Kuro is better than good!  There are elephant through camp each day and it's likely that you will see 5 or 6 different species of animal while simply sitting on the verandah of your tent.  We've also had guests reporting wild dog sightings every week not far from the camp and this pack seems to number in their twenties.  Night drives have been richly rewarded with leopard, genet, serval, honey badgers and all sorts of other wonderful things.  Although the honey badgers have made themselves a nuisance by raiding the camp stores on a nightly basis and causing chaos.  Here are a few pics (snapping the honey badger now a major objective!).

Wed, Aug 20, 2014

Our gorgeous new camp

Photographer Paul Joynson Hicks and designer Jo Cooke spent a few days capturing the essence of this beautiful camp.  Enjoy!


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