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Hi. We live and work in the Selous Game Reserve, overlooking a wide bend in the Rufiji River. People from all over the world visit us, and tell us how lucky we are to live here. We're inclined to believe them.

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Thu, Jul 13, 2017

Black and Blue All Over

The migration may be in full swing in the north, but the wildebeest in the south are making sure we dont forget about them, giving us some lovely close-up encounters not far from camp. 

Africa has two species of wildebeest, black wildebeest more commonly found in South Africa, and blue wildebeest native to our neck of the woods in East Africa. 

It doesn't take a genius to guess that the main distinguishing feature of these two species is their colouring. The blue wildebeest have largely remained the same, while the black adapted to the grassier habit of the south nearly one million years ago. This fellow is a stunning specimen of the blue wildebeest, and we must say that we are rather fond of our blue ones.

Thu, Jun 8, 2017

Guide & Scout training in the Selous

We have had the pleasure of having Richard Knocker here in the Selous with us for the past week. He has been working with all of our guides and scouts on all aspects of guiding and bush life. Below you can see one of his sessions on rifle handling. 

I have to say, the Selous is a magical place for training like this!

(Guides really have to be on top form in the Selous. The amount of acitivites our guides and scouts conduct here is much more than any National Park in Tanzania. From full day bush walks, to taking clients on the river, to game drives around the lakes and to a visit to the Hot Springs, our guides have accrued a vast wealth of knowledge of the area).

(One of our scouts (and future guide Simba) working with Richard on rifle handling. The Rufiji River as a backdrop)

(Our guides and scouts love these trainings and jump at the opportunity to learn)

(Using an old cardbox box on a pully as a charging Buffalo. Always good to practice!)

(Pius, one of our newest members of the SRS team working with Richard)

(What has caught the attention of the group? Tiny insects of course! It is good to know about all aspects of the bush)

Stay tuned for more on the season ahead!

Thu, Jun 1, 2017

The season is upon us!

For the past week now we have been busy sanding and oiling, painting and decorating. The bush tracks are cleared and the guides excited for this seasons new adventures. Our chefs have been busy baking fresh bread, housekeeping has made sure all rooms are set and our waiters have stocked up the fridges. 

(Cornelius, our master carpenter, has done an amazing job on all of the wood work in camp)

(Justin, adding the finishing touches to the railing at the dining area)

(We have an amazing tailor in camp, Charles, who has re done all of our couch covers. What a magician with the sewing machine)

(Deo, one of our guides, setting up all of our fishing rods in preperation for the season ahead)

(Our chefs and cooks are excited for our first clients of the season. Fresh bread rolls from the oven, yum!)

(Our newest addition to the kitchen, Mzee Mausa, helping prep for lunch!)

Now, everything is in place and we can't wait to greet our first guests. Let's see what this seasons great adventures will be. 

(The lounge room is all set up and doesnt it look cozy!)

Stay posted in the days and weeks ahead, as we bring you more news and stories as the season unfolds!

Sat, May 27, 2017

Return to the Selous!

Getting on the plane in Dar Es Salam, we were already tingling with excitement to see the incredible Selous again, after the long rains had blessed every living thing with much needed water. Flying over the beautiful bush we could already see how dense everything had become and the beautiful lakes were bursting with life. We couldn't wait to land and to start exploring again!

Stay posted over the days ahead as we get the lodge ready for our first clients of the Season!

(Amazing to see so much water below)

(The force of the Rufiji River opens up small channels across the land)

(One of the main channels that feeds Lake Makubi on the right. When the water levels are high, the river bank breaks, spilling water into the lake, feeding the eco system that lasts through the whole dry season)

(Plenty of water for all the Hippo to hide in!)

(A very familiar sight for us. One of our favourite game drive routes and view points at Lake Makubi, with the Rufiji River in the background)

Sat, Feb 25, 2017

Coming face to face with history

Walking in the Selous is a magical experience and each walk is as unique as the next. Sometimes you track a herd of buffalo to the rivers edge, sometimes you bird watch along one of the lakes, and sometimes, you come across historical artefacts from WW1. Not many people know that part of WW1 was fought in modern day Tanzania, and fewer so, know that part of the war was fought in the Selous. This land is scattered with history and you can easily spend hours searching along it's many ridges for the signs of that history. Here are some of the artefacts uncovered by clients on a walk a few days ago.

(An overview shot of the find. Due to the number of items found, we think it was a small camp at one stage)

(Quite a few bullets were found, as well as a belt buckle)

(It's amazing to think that it has been here for over 100 years)

(Here you can see some eyelets used in tents)

Natasha and I will be walking alot more this follwoing season, bringing you more and more of what the Selous and History has to show. We will start photographing some of the ridges that were used and hopefully uncover more signs of WW1.


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