Canines for Conservation

The Canines for Conservation Program is headed by longtime canine training expert Will Powell. Powell has worked with dogs for more than 20 years, first training canines to detect explosives and landmines, before turning his attention to the conservation arena. Powell and his team of dogs, handlers and trainers, work tirelessly to address the problem of ivory, rhino horn and other wildlife products being smuggled from Africa to markets abroad. 

The Canines for Conservation Program was launched in 2014 under African Wildlife Foundation (AWF). The program trains and deploys detection dogs to trafficking chokepoints — airports, sea ports and border crossings — to uncover illegal shipments of ivory, rhino horn and other wildlife products.

This program is based in Arusha, home to our Nomad base, and we are thrilled to partner with Will and his team to promote their invaluable work. 

If you are passing through Arusha during your safari with us, this is a must see for dog lovers and conservation enthusiasts. You can meet the dogs and see just how skilled these canines are for the challenge ahead; saving Africa's wildlife. 

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