Mugumu Hope Centre

This is a community focused project offering a refuge for young girls fleeing from female genital mutilation (FGM). Although FGM is illegal in Tanzania, it is sadly still practiced in some rural villages. This centre is run by Rhobi, a remarkable woman standing up for the right of these vulnerable girls. As a survivor of FGM herself she has a similar story to many of the girls in her care. The centre works to ultimately reunite the girls with their parents on the agreement they will not be at risk of FGM. 

Unfortunately reconciliation is not always successful, but when this happens the centre welcomes the girls on a permanent basis as part of the family and they continue life at the home. The Hope Centre is home to both primary and secondary school girls, as well as many other who are learning vocational skills. The atmosphere at the centre is very much one of a family, will all the girls offering a supportive network to each other. All of the girls receive counselling from the Centre management team and some have become global ambassadors for girls' and women's rights, traveling as far as Copenhagen to share the stories and raise awareness for their plight. 

We have donated bunkbeds, clothes, shoes and other needed items to the centre, and fund education opportunities for some of their brightest girls with two students having just completed further studies supported by the Nomad Trust. 

If you would like to support the further education of one of these young women, or find out more about other ways you could help please get in touch.


Runs a village awareness campaign on women's rights
Sends one of the girls on a Hospitality course
Buys fifty care kits full of basic necessities (inc. soap, toothpaste & brush, sanitary pads)
Covers teacher accommodation for one year