Katumbi Clinic & School

Mahale really does lie at the edge of the world and the communities here rely mostly on fishing and agriculture for their livelihood. Education is a privilege and opportunities for earning an income are few and far between. We have supported the Katumbi village for decades and this project has long been at the heart of the Nomad Trust. The remote school and clinic here serve the village on a shoe-string of resources and are in serious need of support. Together with our partner NGO, Pencils For Hope, we are supporting two scholarship students, running a couple of meal-a-day programs for more than a hundred nursery children, renovating and supplying the primary school with essential resources (books, desks and computers), and are constantly looking into new ways to improve both the school and clinic.

Katumbi is also where we started our Plaster House Outreach Program that is helping children with treatable physical conditions to receive life changing operations and rehabilitation before returning to their families. So far we have had four boys treated in Arusha for a variety of ailments and following this success we are rolling the program out through all our camps.

If you are coming to stay with us at Greystoke Mahale and would like to support and perhaps visit the village while you are with us please get in touch. 


Buys a desk for a pupil at the school
Per month or $1,680 per year covers a teacher’s salary
Buys an examination/patient bed for the clinic
Buys roughly 500 text books for the school