The Nature Conservancy

Nomad has teamed up with The Nature Conservancy (TNC) to support their Tuungane Project in the Mahale Mountains and Lake Tanganyika ecosystem. Meaning ‘Let's Unite’ in Swahili, this project is an integrated approach to promoting a healthier relationship between people and the natural resources they depend on in the area. 

Sitting on Nomad’s doorstep, we value both the human and wildlife local to this area and work to support a better, more conducive relationship for both. The greater Mahale ecosystem is a fragile one and faces pressure from its resident human community, who are themselves threatened by extreme poverty and a rapidly growing human population.

With the aim of improving the well-being of this diverse natural environment and its people, some of the underlying problems are being tackled, from health and sanitation to environmental awareness and education. TNC has developed ‘Model Households’ where volunteer families educate by example, showing sustainable behaviour and practices that can be replicated by others in their villages. Beach management units have also been established to enact and enforce sustainable fishing regulations, and microfinance loans are available to give the opportunity to diversify away from environmentally damaging activities and into other income generating activities.

We feel these interventions are critical to the future of this area and we're keen to support TNC's work here. If you're coming to stay with us at Greystoke Mahale and would like to know more, please get in touch. Also, please be sure to read about our other project in the area and our work in the Katumbi village. 

All imagery ©Ami Vitale


Buys a bike to increase the area Community Health Workers can cover
Buys 2 fish drying racks that reduce catch loss & increase product value & income
Buys 4 tents for village scouts who extend patrols to safeguard forest reserves