Serengeti De-snaring

Nomad is very proud to be one of the first operators to sign up to this conservation program. The Frankfurt Zoological Society (FZS) led de-snaring program sends a team or rangers out to find poachers’ camps and remove wire snares from the Serengeti ecosystem. The results have been alarming and eye-opening, with just one team collecting nearly 10,000 snares in their first year of operation. We donate $1 for every night spent at Lamai Serengeti, Mkombe’s House and our mobile Serengeti Safari Camp. We also top-up with further donations from our shop and massage profits, to support the team throughout the season. This vital program is making a serious dent on the illegal trapping and poaching of wildlife in one of our most significant ecosystems. As one of the founding supporters we have been behind them since the get go, and in less than a year have donated over $10,000 for this project alone.

Support a Serengeti De-snaring Team


Buys a pair of wellies for a ranger
Buys a spare tyre
Covers the salary of two rangers for one month
Covers the team's operational costs for one month