TAWIRI Elephants

The Selous Game Reserve has sadly been severely affected by ivory poaching in the last decade, and the elephant population has suffered enormously. We have long been searching for a project to work with and are delighted to support the Selous Elephant Research Program run by Tanzania Wildlife Research Institute (TAWIRI) in the Selous. Without adequate data and knowledge of the population and movements of the elephants in the Selous it is very difficult to plan properly for their protection. 

Since this project started at the end of 2017, seven elephants have been collared to help track the movements of their herds and therefore identify areas where they may be more vulnerable to poachers, which will then dictate how anti-poaching teams will be deployed and managed. The TAWIRI team also work on gathering data on herd family structures, herd movements, and overall health and population growth of the elephants around our camps and in the wider Selous area. The overarching goal is to assess the current population and help develop conservation strategies, alongside park authorities and local communities, that will see the return of growing elephant populations in this epic wilderness. 

If you're coming on safari with us at Sand Rivers Selous or at Kiba Point and would like to support their work, please get in touch


Buys a 60X zoom camera for elephant identification
Covers vehicle maintenance for one month
Pays the monthly salary for one field assistant
Buys an elephant collar