My first ever half marathon

I am thrilled to say I managed to finish the race on Sunday the 26th of Feb in 2hrs 17 mins.  It was a lovely course, 10 km uphill through a coffee estate, and then down the same road back into Moshi stadium.  It was incredible to watch the elite runners zoom by, lap me and finish a full marathon before I finished my half marathon!

 the start of the marathon

 Me setting off in my pink Nomad Trust hat.

Done!  Thrilled!  After the race I said I would never do another one, and today I wrote to Lewa to find out about entering for the Lewa Safaricom half marathon-so maybe the running bug has bitten after all.

Unfortunately I have still not raised the funds I need for the new solar system so please help contribute to this good cause by going to:

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