Pori Photography

We had a series of trips the last few months, for this year’s round photo interns, and a special few who won their place on our Nomad internship trips from a recent ‘Pori Photography’ competition. They even had their photos published in some popular national magazines. We have pulled out a few of our favourite snaps from their trips. From Ndutu, we love this scene at dusk by Patrick. [cid:[email protected]] Some dancing stripes by Ignas, Ndutu trip. [cid:[email protected]] [cid:[email protected]] Ignas Lyimo, action in the bush in Ndutu still. From the Serengeti, [cid:[email protected]] McDonald, leopard in tree. Winding west, the group in Katavi had some breath taking photos, including this fun hippo yawn from Kelvin. [cid:[email protected]] [cid:[email protected]][y4m6G5Ke_uSkd028D9hIXgEgWSr0fAyF7FJ5E5Nm8FGQjzvOKpo76QgnT29mHKOsokqzQ78ziPozlW5jPqeHpw8MV5bGUkMmUM01Zhzud7M0uQbt7FfW74VMaTPWWcgLmugjl57Rxc4Az8DrlkBQlsMbkFO9wJ4sllQ2axNhwFfjLAlBkvL8Xe6mYDges0gTMll9j3qWDcUcg9AUidkCrXgmw%3fencodeFailures=1&width=2978&height=1625] Kelvin, vulture protecting his meal Down in Ruaha, Shango captured this unfortunate wild dog That will teach him to stick his nose in where it doesn’t belong. [cid:[email protected]] David’s photo of this impressive spring. [cid:[email protected]]

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