Village Cleanup Days

Waste disposal is an enormous challenge in communities around Tanzania, and the worldwide plastic crisis is something that is very forefront in all of our minds. Beyond trying to make our camps as plastic-free as possible, we have launched clean up projects in the villages close to our camps that border the National Parks to educate, motivate and equip local community teams to clean up their village. We gather football teams and fishermen, school children and youth clubs who volunteer to work around the village picking up rubbish and educating others along the way. The rubbish is then sorted so that it can be properly disposed of. To complement this activity, we also run village film nights showing documentaries that highlight the level of the crisis, as well as environmental awareness days to really engage communities with the mission to keep these areas as clean and plastic free as we can. 

If you'd like to help us sponsor a day of village clean ups and education, please get in touch. 


Runs two village film nights
Buys village clean up kits
Supports a 'clean up our roads' campaign