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Enjoyable safari camp experience

As others have mentioned, Kigelia is a remote camp in Ruaha national park that really feels like a true safari experience. Our tented accommodations we very comfortable and we had access to as many bucket showers as we wanted. It was hot during our stay (with the delayed November rains) but it cooled down so nicely at night. I loved the energy of the staff at Kigelia - it was being run by Raj who was also our guide and he was exceptional. We had great sightings - lots of lions, communal feeding off several kills (which was fun to follow over time), elephants and then other interesting things we had not seen like jackals (chasing impalas), bat eared fox and a leopard sighting (always thrilling!). The food and service were really great, and impressively so considering the remoteness and size of the camp. The staff brought great energy and enthusiasm to the camp, and it was fun to sit around the fire before dinner and chat with them and the two other guests during our stay. The other guests had a special anniversary and we were treated to a true celebration from all the staff at Kigelia. This was our third Nomad camp, and though they are all different (but all great!), I am very happy we got to experience the connection with the environment and animals that this camp allows - I felt more immersed than at some of the other camps.