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Everything that happens at Greystoke is the reason we’d go back

Greystoke Mahale was the absolute highlight of our trip to Tanzania over December/January. The obvious attraction is the chimpanzees. You are taken by experienced guides up the mountain to find the chimps and once they are found, you stay an hour with the group. As they move around, so do you. It is impossible not to be captivated. Each has a different personality - shy and retiring, strong and aggressive, playful and cheeky. It is fascinating to get to "know" them during the hour that we stand amongst these amazing creatures. The chimpanzees are what got us interested in the trip. But, having been there, the location of the camp and the service and care that is behind everything that happens at Greystoke is the reason we'd go back. Barbara and Fabio, the camp managers, were wonderful. They clearly want to make sure that everything is perfect for the guests and their enthusiasm for the chimps and the rest of the camp is infectious. For example we were there at Christmas time and they had arranged a christmas dinner (complete with Turkey). Each day the food was seriously good. The staff were top-notch and never without a smile on their faces. The accommodation is in bungalows which are magnificent. They are open to the beautiful lake air and this is fun. They are also cleverly placed along , but this is fun and they are dotted along the "beach" of the lake in a clever way so that one does not need to be concerned about privacy. If you're reading this and in two minds about whether to visit Greystoke - YOU DEFINITELY SHOULD. The other things we did in Tanzania (mainly, safari-ing in the Serengeti) were also wonderful, but Greystoke was the best of all.