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Game galore at Serengeti Safari Camp

We saw a cheetah (at a distance), a leopard (in a tree) and two black rhino (partially hidden in the long grass) as well as lions, baboons, elephants, giraffes, hippos, birds, wildebeests and more. We chanced upon a lion and her meal, and in the crater, a little gruesome, but we saw hyenas feasting on a wildebeest. Also in the crater, a bull elephant stepped onto the path we were traveling on to have his meal so we had to stop and wait for him to finish---quite refreshing. We came across some lions resting in the afternoon sun and a lioness lay right at the wheel of our vehicle and looked up at us---so close! 

We saw and heard hundreds of wildebeests a few times and once, hundreds crossed our path and we had to wait for them before proceeding. Unfortunately we did not see a river crossing.

The tented camp was lovely - so well organised - the warm water bottle at night, the wake up call with a warm beverage of your choice and a very comfortable bed. The bucket showers made showering a little more exciting. Again the communal dinners were enjoyable and we always started with a chat around the fire and on some days - more stories around the fire after dinner.