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Great food, exemplary service at our tent. Guiding in the jeeps was superb.

This (Serengeti Safari Camp) was our introduction to Nomad's camps. We ended up staying at 4, and all were simply wonderful. Raj and his crew welcomed us and I liked that he and an alternating guide always had dinner with us. This allowed us to meet as fellow humans, and to allow us to hear stories from the guides--and to pick their brains. We were curious to see the cook tent and they facilitated this.

One night a leopard prowled through the edge of the camp as we were watching 'Bush TV' (campfire), and the enthusiasm with which the guides ran for torches and bade us follow them as we followed the animal made it clear that the staff are genuine enthusiasts. 

What I didn't know was that I dropped my GoPro out of my bag. At the next camp (Katavi) I got word of this from the camp manager who had been contacted by Raj. There wasn't time to get it to me at Katavi, but there it was waiting for me at Mahale--having travelled half way through Tanzania. If that isn't honest and fabulous service, I don't know what is.

Because this camp is mobile, it is more spartan than the other Nomad camps, but that is a relative term. It was divine!