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I much appreciated our guide’s concern for the ecology of the area

We came here after being in similar camps in Kenya. While they were all good, this has got to be the highlight of the trip. David, our guide, was outstanding. In addition to his knowledge of the wildlife, David was willing to talk to us about the culture of the native people and how he became a guide and his life before that. Of course, our biggest goal this time of year was to see a wildebeest crossing. He would carefully park so as not to disturb the wildlife even if we asked to get closer. He also politely chastised other guides that were not as careful about where they parked. I very much appreciated his concern about the ecology of the area and discussions about the various animals. The camp site was awesome as well. Yes, we stayed in a tent, but it was as luxurious as any hotel room could be, complete with hot showers and flushing toilets even though they were "bucket" showers and composting toilets. The meals shared with the other guests and some of the personnel from the camp were outstanding. I also liked the fact that the guides came to pre-dinner cocktail time to visit with the guests. Of course, we saw all of the wildlife -- lions feeding, cheetahs, leopards, elephants, buffalo, wildebeest crossings, all kinds of antelope, hyena, jackal, zebra, giraffe and all kind of birds.