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I never imagined how unique our safari experience would be

Wow, what an amazing time we had!  Everyone I talked to before our trip who had been on safari said that we were in for a special experience, but I still never imagined how unique it would be.  And the trip would not have been what it was without your passion, knowledge, patience, enthusiasm, attentiveness, conversation and good humor.  It’s easy to read your “Professional Safari Guide living the good life in Tanzania's wilder places” Twitter description and think, “What could be better than that?”  But I know that dealing with all the issues you deal with on a regular basis (personalities, varied levels of interest, logistical issues, etc.) is extremely challenging.  Yet you made us feel like each new bird or animal sighting was as special for you as it (truly) was for us, and that our cheetah kill was just about the most exciting thing you’d ever seen.
All of our guides and camp staff were incredibly friendly, knowledgeable, helpful and gracious.  Our “Gang of 24” has a safari bond that will always be special.  Thanks so much for helping make it so.
Many, many thanks to you and your colleagues at Nomad for a terrific experience.