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If I had to choose a favorite camp would be [Sand Rivers] Selous

If I had to choose a favorite camp out of the three it would be [Sand Rivers] Selous, most likely, as it had this special atmosphere and cosiness. Followed by the [Serengeti Safari Camp] as this is really special and then Lamai. This last one was very nice, no doubt, but  much bigger in terms of guests. Of course, from the terrace and especially from the rooms one had a perfect and most enjoyable view. But this is really a somewhat forced distinction because all three camps were just wonderful and outstanding and I´m so glad we did this tour with our 3 children. The guides were terrific, too. John [Lulu] from Lamai was the best, though. If I might say so. But please, don´t get this wrong: each guide was wonderful and took very good care of us.