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It’s truly an untouched, wild area.

This was our last stop in a 9 day Tanzania holiday. Flying in,we observed large expanses of water which were caused by the recent deluges in the rest of the country, and our camp staff told us they had never observed water levels this high in over 30 years. Wildlife was scattered as there was little competition for this usually scarce resource, however, there was no shortage of excellent viewing opportunities of herbiverous game and the many birds which thrive in these conditions. We were also lucky to see a leopard up close and spent a little time tracking her to see where she was headed. The camp itself is unique and has a rustic charm to it, facilities are adequate (flushing bush toilet and hot bucket showers) and the tents are slightly on the smaller side but amazingly situated to allow wildlife viewing. Every night we had something close by our tent so be prepared for close encounters, it's truly an untouched, wild area. The meals were fantastic and varied, and the staff extremely attentive with only a few minor hiccups due to the language barrier. The guides were incredible and did their absolute best with the conditions, we had the most amazing sundowner on the last day, seeing a 300 strong line of buffalo making their way across the plains, with the sun reflecting off the water filled areas to give an amazing red/purple hue to everything. I'm sure even the animals stopped to look at this, it was quite an emotional sight to behold! Overall, Chada is a camp I would recommend for it's uniqueness and 'Out of Africa' feel, and certainly worth the extra flying time to get there.