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Katavi is like no other place I have seen with such bizarre interaction of wildlife.

Sitting on the verandah of my delightful room at Kigelia after a brilliant first morning in the very diverse and most fascinating National Park, having seen many different mammals already but of most interest for me was a first was to see a male lion mate with three of his lionesses!

I thought you might be interested to know how our week at Katavi went? We were very fortunate to have been there during a week of much change. A number of the pools which had large numbers of hippo in at the beginning were vacated before we left, more fish eagles than I have seen anywhere, great interaction between the marabous, yellowbill storks, pelicans, crocs, catfish and hippos as perches! Lion daily, 3 magnificent sightings of leopard, one walking right past one of your vehicles with guests in, pic of which I shall send after my return home. Good numbers of giraffe and a herd of 10 roan which was more than I expected to see.

Chada Camp is so well run by Mohammed who is not only a wonderful host, but a real gentleman who is not scared to get his hands dirty and lead by example. You have a real gem there, but then I am sure you know that! The camp staff so pleasant and accommodating in every way!

However our highlight was the fly camping and our guide Samuel. Despite it being quite hot the little fly tents were perfect to begin on the night of full moon and watch its slow and bright trajectory across the sky each night from our beds. The wind blew through the gauze well and made the nights cooler than in the main camp tents, which by the way are very
comfortable and want for nothing. As water was very scarce in the Park we spent two nights camping between the big hippo pool at the concrete well and Fox's Camp, 50m from about 250 hippo which made for very noisy nights, just what we wanted! The second camp was on the west side of the Katsanga Plain, no sign or sound of humanity, wide open spaces and 39 elephant on the plain the following morning to greet us, another magic night! Our last nights camping was in a beautiful spot on the Chada Plain on the road to Paradise, possibly the moist beautiful site we had but our favourite camp site must have been the first one as there was so much activity there, including a lot of elephant and giraffe.

One of the main reasons we enjoyed the fly camping so much was the delightful crew we had, all just brilliant! Food as good as in Chada Camp and again we wanted for nothing and enjoyed having such a private experience in such beautiful sites.

Last and not least was our guide Samuel, always cheerful, energetic, nothing ever a problem, enthusiastic about all we encountered! To keep that up for 7 days and in such heat is quite an accomplishment and talent. He drove considerately for us and the wildlife. In the course of my work as a traveling guide I have been out with a huge number of guides across
the continent, however Samuel has to go down as one of the most enjoyable I have ever had the pleasure to spend time with! There are guides I have been with who might know more, but few that are such great company and is that not what it is about at the end of the day?

Diana did shed quite a few tears as we left Samuel, not something she does often! The vehicle went well and I have to confess there is nothing constructive I can offer on your Katavi operation. The wildlife there is quite unique, possibly the word I dislike most in the travel industry as it has to be the most overused word, normally not true to its real meaning, but Katavi is like no other place I have seen with such bizarre interaction of wildlife in such a small area. Our sincere appreciation to all involved in making it such a rewarding and unforgettable week and I have to say the fly camping and Katavi has so far been the highlight of the entire safari so far!!