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Mkombe’s House was Our House

We arrived about 12 days ago after a short flight from Arusha. Seven of us, enough to fill the four bedrooms very comfortably. Gabu delivered us to Babu and his staff, who were very straight forward in welcoming us "home."
And home it was for three wonderful nights. Our room looked out on the plains of the Serengeti, with wildebeests nearby, but not as close as cape buffalo, baboons, and, at night, lions on the prowl. Our patio was huge, above the pool, with lounges perfect for a nap or catching up on our reading. 

Babu's staff, including the twins Husseni and Hassani, were there when we wanted help and invisible at other times. Prior to meals, they appeared and played games with us, taught us about their wonderful oasis and its native inhabitants, and served us appetizers. Then the meals came, perfectly prepared and irresistible. The food was world class, served simply, but elegantly, including a wonderful surprise for Wendy's birthday. 

The accommodations were the equivalent of any five star hotel in LA or NY, but much larger. And they bring the natural luxury of quiet, that is if you consider the wild roars of lions and other animals "quiet." Henry saw the source of those roars pass by his window. 
You cannot get any closer to the incredible Serengeti wildlife than Mkombe's House. Up at 6, in the funny jeep like viewing vehicle, and within seconds, you are saying good morning to zebra, wildebeests, gazelles, elephants, hippos, crocs, lions, cheetahs, leopards, many different avian species, ostriches, hyenas, jackals, . . . shall I go on? The morning is interrupted by breakfast that is wonderful, perhaps enhanced by being outdoors in that wonderful air, but totally enjoyable. Served by Gabu as though serving the seven of us were a "piece of cake." That and more. 
 Would we repeat this visit? In a NY Minute.