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Mkombe’s House - Wow. Just wow. How safari trips should be

We were two couples travelling together and spending four nights at Mkombe's House. Lucky us. I'd suggest selling your children to raise the funds to stay here, if needed. If not needed, all the better, because it's geared up to be child-friendly too. What. A. Place.

A tastefully decorated private house for four adults and up to four kids, with staff all to yourselves, make this the most wonderful private safari experience. We went in low season - the big wildebeest herds were at the other end of the Serengeti in February - and still saw lots of animals as well as over 200 species of bird. Manager Babu and his team are anxious to ensure you have a wonderful time and have everything you need. They are well drilled - this can lead to a slight loss of flexibility at times, but nothing terrible - and their pride in the house, in Nomad (the company that runs Lamai Serengeti) - and in Tanzania shines through. Babu taught me how to play Bao, the national (and indeed regional) board game. Emanuel, our brilliant guide, had the best sense of humour and was super at finding not only great animals but also birds (two of us are birders). Three different leopards at close quarters was special, but how about a leopard tortoise to boot?! (one of the "small five", apparently). Four cheetahs was quite something and the photogenic six lion cubs posing on rounded boulders or playing like kittens could not help but leave us grinning. All pretty much to ourselves, too, none of the crowds of vehicles you get elsewhere on the Serengeti or, even worse, in the Ngorongoro Crater. The food is very good indeed - Tanzanian cuisine (which is South Asian influenced, it seems) rather than the standard Victorian English influenced-fare one often gets on safari in former English colonies. Sundowners were as they should be. This is a special set up - the main lodge looks very nice, but Mkombe's House is really something else - if you get a chance to go with friends, grab it!