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My personal favourite was Loliondo which was just blissful.

Now the trip... It was ab.fab.!   Couldn't fault a thing, except perhaps the weather.  Climate change or something seems to be bringing the rains on a bit early, and up in the highlands it was sometimes quite cold - much to our surprise. I'm so glad we started in Arusha and worked up the scale to Serengeti. We met others who seemed to be doing it the other way round. 

My personal favourite was Loliondo which was just blissful.  We were, I have to say, very spoilt to have the whole camp to ourselves and, as a special treat, the company of Serena with whom we got on like houses on fire.  The young Maasai manager up there is a charming and interesting chap and the staff delightful.  Serengeti Ndutu (Serengeti Safari Camp) was also great but there was a full house all the time and so the delights were perhaps more diluted.  We did see (hundreds of) thousands of wildebeest migrating away in all directions and I could watch them for hours.  The plain captivated me.  ...

As for our guide Rowland, lovely as you described him, he was ace - full of charm like all those Tanzanians, but very intelligent and knowledgeable, extraordinarily quick sighted, really enthusiastic about what he was doing and fun to spend the day with. He is a tireless driver on sometimes fearful terrain - tired me out by the end of the day, I can tell you. ...  He had managed to show us all the game we could possibly have expected except the elusive leopard, so we shall have to go back for that, as Rowland told us!

So all this is to tell you that it was indeed a wonderful trip and to thank you for setting it up so well.  My comment in the Loliondo visitors' book was "Perfect!" so you may take that on board.