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Nomad - a cut above the rest

Hi Nomad, thought you'd like to see the feedback from our lovely client, who is a regular with Nomad.

Thanks so much for being the most wonderful operators!!! Seamless!


Journeys by Design

"First off - Nomad has new canvas and chemical toilets at the tented camps in Serengeti (Ndutu).  This was nice and unexpected.  They were as usual, top notch in every respect.  The food was splendid and tasty.

The accommodations were wonderful and there was no rain at all.  Some of the staff even remembered me from last year, which is really sweet.  We saw leopard, three lion and four cheetah within one kilometer - on the first day.  We caught up with the migration on the 3rd day and saw two kills (by lions); one attempt on a giraffe that failed (but was fun to watch); a few births and lots of babies (everything). 

The yurts were still in use at Loliondo and that made me smile.  Such lovely spacious tents and again the staff remembered me.  The food was excellent and flavorful.  The game walks were fun and night game driving exciting and novel.  I love the incorporation of the Masai into the camp as askari and for the walks.  It's a nice touch.  Also no rain - which was 180 degrees from last year, but not a problem in terms of the game - except that the lion were sparse because the Masai were grazing cattle nearby, but who could blame them - those are some fierce looking spears.

Nomads continues to impress me with their effortless elegance.  They make the hardest things look easy and are so down to earth and friendly.

I feel Iike I'm visiting with family (family that I like).  Rem is a tremendous guide and he's gotten even better.  He is sensitive to photographers and lighting so much so that he positions me for amazing photographs and sometimes will run a video while I'm shooting still images giving twice the coverage.  He drives expertly and smoothly without jostling me around, but manages to negotiate quietly enough to get us really close to great experiences without seeming to annoy the animals (a big plus).

I had an opportunity to observe the behavior of some of the other tour operators and I must say they are reckless, rude and not respectful of others (animals or people).  Nomads is really a cut above the rest.   Despite the number of times I've been to Tanzania

I continue to learn and appreciate new things".