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Nomad - fantastic educational trip

I am sorry for my delay in writing to thank you both for my FANTASTIC fam trip safari that you both kindly organised for me. It really was the best trip I have ever had. Obviously I had been to Northern tanz a couple of times before so I knew the national parks etc but I was very weak on my property knowledge. I can safely say with my hand on my heart that we basically didn’t leave any stone unturned. If the camp was open we pretty much saw it! It really is amazing at how in my job (as is yours I am sure) it all "clicks" once you have been there, eaten the meals and slept in the beds. It all slots into place! I am now so over excited about selling more tanzania - watch this space.

We also were very lucky and saw a crossing! Ken knew precisely where to go and we sat and Lady Luck was on our side. I was so chuffed I thought I would explode.

On to Ken. Words simply don't go far enough. He was prompt, he was well turned out, he was professional, he was kind, he was patient with my (slow and poor) bird identification, a fountain of knowledge, forward thinking, he always made sure the light was right for my photographs, always kept the car spotless, he was an exceptional driver on those roads and above all he was funny (we had lots of laughs) and a joy to spend two weeks with. He really is an asset and an ambassador to Nomad. 


Victoria, Aardvark UK - November 2010