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Nomad Tanzania - each camp unique

We can not thank you enough for putting together our trip to Tanzania. Each camp had something unique and were most professionally run. We would recommend them to our friends. The day you put together at the Oldadai primary school was a highlight of the trip. So was the day at the Hospital. Dr. Meludie is a special person servicing thousands with a small staff trying to educate the population on AIDs prevention.
And of course Rem made our trip an experience of a lifetime. He is professional, knowledgable, Speaks beautiful English, is a wonderful driver and protector of his clients. We would rate him a 10 out of a score of 10!! We will keep in touch with him and hope to have one of our grandchildren  become a pen-pal with his oldest son Ben who is 4.  Rem helped us see Africa thru African and Masaai eyes.
The attention to detail that you and Nomad provided far surpassed our expectations.