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Paradise - to say the least!!!

We stayed at Sand Rivers Selous for the second time (December 2021 and 2022) and for us it is a real paradise and one of the most beautiful places to be. Nyerere National Park – the park is very versatile with seasonal lakes, the Rufiji River, woodlands and open land. We had incredible sightings when we were there including a pack of wild dogs, a large python and we witnessed crocodile eggs hatching. Further we saw hippos, giraffes, elephants, plains game, monkeys and crocodiles daily and we saw lions and hyenas too. The Lodge – the lodge is in a remote part of the park with no other lodges close by which makes it even more special. It is built from natural materials and absolutely beautiful. The rooms are all open with an amazing view over the Rufiji River. Our room was super spacious and had a plunge pool which was fantastic for cooling down from the December heat. The staff is lovely and extremely friendly, we even had tears when we said goodbye to them all. The Guide – Hamsa was our guide and was accompanied by Regi (a guide in training). Hamsa is incredibly knowledgeable and a superb guide! He made us feel very comfortable and was super attentive to any ideas or wishes we had. We had our 8 year old son with us and he became best friends with Hamsa and Regi, they had so much patience for him and we enjoyed so much to see how much fun they had together. They really went out of their way and i.e. organised a football match for him and answered any question he had. Regi also surprised us with his fluent German. The Activities – One of the reason that we love the Selous is all the different activities you can do. You can choose between game drives, walks, boat Safari, fishing and night drives. All of those we really enjoyed!! The Food – The food is absolutely delicious. It is made out if fresh, local ingredients and we felt we ate delicious and healthy all the time. The daily choice of salads and meats for lunch was our favourite, but the bush breakfasts, dinners and snacks were equally good really. If we can will come back to Sand Rivers again and again, simply because we love it so much! Thank you so much to all the staff!