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Lamai Serengeti is one of the best places I've ever stayed. The pure natural beauty would be enough but couple that with amazing service and stunning decorated rooms, just puts this lodge above the rest. Our suite was the highest on the property which afforded spectacular views right from your bed. Large decks with views for miles. I could go on and on about the bathrooms as well. Fantastic showers offering the same amazing views! Best leopard sightings. The big male out in the open on a termite mound. We would leave early every day with a delicious pack breakfast to explore this great area. You come back around noon for a large lunch spread. A few hours to relax back in your room or take a lap in the pool. Then back out for a evening drive with sundowners. Everything was just perfect! Their unpretentious style and warm service makes Lamai the only place to stay in the area.