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Serengeti - fantastic experience

I want to thank you for the fantastic experience we had in the West Serengeti thanks to Nomad in general, and to Ally Kea, our guide, in particular. We stayed for 3 nights in Serengeti Safari Camp


Ally is a very special person, very kind, very open, very friendly and also very funny. He took really good care of us, with great professionalism and a lot of kindness and warmth. Also, he is an incredible guide. He has a special gift and a great patience to drive around on a very pleasant pace and in the proper areas in order for us to see as much game as possible.


Furthermore, and this was an incredible plus, Ally has a fantastic knowledge of the animals and the area. It was a real pleasure and a very enriching experience to learn so much details about the wild life and the nature of the Serengeti. He told us that he went to a guide school before working for Nomad, and that Nomad sends him once a year on a training session to update his knowledge. I want to let you know that this is a huge advantage for your guides. It really makes a difference with the other company we traveled with.


On a side note, the car was great as well. It was a real treat to have access to a mini-fridge, a very nice thought to include blankets and most of all, it was very convenient to be able to charge properly our cameras in the car.


Finally, we loved Serengeti Safari Camp. It was our favorite camp. The service was excellent and very friendly, we really enjoyed the quality of the food and the location was outstanding. 

CT - June 2011