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Serengeti Safari Camp - blew us away

The safari experience totally blew us away. I will never look at camping in the same way again!!! 

To be woken up every morning, with fresh coffee and to be able to sit outside our tent and watch the sunrise with zebra and wildebeest wandering by was truly magical. The location of the camp was just brilliant - we felt that we were right in the midst of it all.  And we truly were as one morning we woke up to a family of Elephants trooping through the staff quarters and a young male lion wandering near the main camp!

The staff were fantastic and treated us like royalty!  We felt totally spoilt and pampered from the moment we arrived.  The thing I was most surprised about the food, it was absolutely amazing!  I was totally in awe of the meals they managed to knock up in the camp, it put my cooking to shame!

Rem our guide was fantastic, so knowledgeable and interesting... and just a great guy in general. Really chatty and friendly but also would gave us plenty of time to ourselves too which made the whole thing a really relaxing experience.