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Serengeti Safari Camp exceeded all our expectations.

We started our morning with a 5:45am rise to a calling of “Jumbo Jumbo” outside our tent and hot tea and biscuits. We head off taking our breakfast with us to eat later. Only a few kilometres down the track we come across a pride of lions eating a wildebeest carcass. Their jaws are amazing, ripping the meat off the bones. We eat our breakfast up on a hill, what a perfect spot for breakfast. Next we come across huge pods of hippos, crocodiles, and yes they are much bigger than Australian ones, and giraffes galore including young ones. We come across 3 buffalo who eye us contemptuously and then start to approach the car, Felix, our guide, thinks this is a good time to leave. Across the river Felix spots a group of impalas acting strangely and on closer inspection we see a leopard dragging an impala carcass across the dirt. We try and keep track of where the leopard is taking the carcass but lose sight of him. We head off down the river bank and come across a large herd of elephants with two of them mating. 

The food, the sleeping arrangements and the camp in general match the wonderful wild life and Felix, our guide, was amazing. Serengeti Safari Camp exceeded all our expectations.