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The best holiday our family has ever taken…

Hello all,

We have returned from our trip to Tanzania/Zanzibar with more memories and good feelings than any other trip our family has taken.   Tanzania is a spectacular country and seeing it with Nomad made it that much more so.  From the magnificent settings of the camps, to the knowledgeable and friendly guides who we embraced as part of our family; to the amenities and outstanding camp managers; to the delicious food; to the organized transport from camp to camp; and especially, the exciting activities that made each day so full and satisfying.   It was a trip that we will always remember.   

We had never been to Africa nor had we been on a vacation of this type but if one could describe a safari company as having a “corporate” culture, Nomad certainly does.  Every aspect of the experience at Nomad camps was not only well thought out and made good sense, but also created a feeling that can be summed up with the words “good taste.”   Besides the excellent accommodations, there are quirky and clever touches and pleasant little surprises at each site.  All are done in a casual and effortless style which belies the hard work that goes into creating a first class experience for guests in very remote settings. 

Do I give you the impression that we had a good time??   It was the best holiday our family has ever taken and we are grateful to have had the experience.  Thank you to Ubuntu for exposing us to Tanzania at the gala we attended back in 2010 and thank you to Beth who helped liaise with Nomad.  Thank you to everyone at the Nomad camps who we will never forget.   We will be back!