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The garden of Eden: fabulous, gorgeous, stunning!

If there is one place on earth where I could lose my soul, it’s this one. We thought by moments that we were in the garden of Eden. What a beautiful and diversified nature. Almost no tourists as well which is, after Serengeti, very enjoyable. The presence of the Ruaha river makes the whole place even more magic with lots of beautiful birds, hippos and hundreds of elephants. Apparently even 10% of the african lion population lives here. The Kigelia Ruaha camp is set up in the spirit ‘back to the basic’ but in a very pleasant way. As with all Nomad camps, this is an intimate set up with just 7 tents. run by very nice staff and the manager who does a great job. We did a walking safari as well, glad to strectch the legs. For us, Ruaha was the absolute highlight in our trip because of the diversity of landscape and the presence of the Ruaha river.