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The most amazing trip

I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know that was the most amazing trip ever and met every expectation we could have possibly had (and more).


Honestly, I don’t know how we’ll top that.  We saw more wildlife in 24 hours than I thought was possible.  The Ndutu area at this time of year was just teeming.


We loved the wilderness camp and how raw and authentic it was.  And it somehow never felt like a non-luxury situation.  Having the camp to ourselves, our own big fire, sleeping with the windows down and having the whole Serengeti night right outside was just amazing.  The sunrises, the hyenas raiding the dining tent, the birds as wake up call, the pride of lions just a mile away, the giraffe and impala and zebra walking through the woodland 100 yards away, it was all perfect.  The camp staff also was so professional and amiable and we were pleasantly surprised we got free Swahili lessons with dinner every night.


Loliondo was also amazing (and a really nice upgrade with the yurt…. I thought we were fine in the WMC tent but when we got to the yurt it was like “ahhhh….”).  Again, the staff there was so amazing, particularly our Masai guard/assistant, Peter.  The breakfast in the bush after the walk was amazing.  The sundowner on the kopje, watching the sun set and the Masai bring their cows back into the boma, and then the bonfire, was something I will never forget.  That was a truly special night.  We also had the pleasure of being hosted by the staff back in their kitchen and dining area that night.  We asked permission to, and they allowed us to, skip dinner in the dining tent and go back and have dinner with them and watch a Tanzanian movie. They were all very good humored about it and at that point we had picked up enough Swahili to not totally embarrass ourselves. Perfect end to the trip.


Last but not least, I cannot say enough about our guide David Mboya.  He was such an excellent guide and a consummate professional.  He was so respectful of the wildlife and other vehicles and managed always to be in the right place at the right time and at that perfect respectful distance.  He clearly cares about his profession and his country.  He entertained all our silly questions all week long, was so informative, and bent over backwards to make sure every need was attended to.  He has the most amazing personality and we left having made a friend.  I cannot recommend him highly enough and we will go on safari with him again.

BH - March 2011