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There’s an authenticity to it all that I couldn’t help but notice. It was incredibly inspiring. 

I had spiritual & physical reactions to my experience and to my time spent at the Nomad properties. They each floated into each other in such gentle and truthful way. The physical magic of being in these locations and being taken care of from start to finish was a testament to how well run the company is. That of course could only be a true thing with such a long and deep employee retention rate. You are only as good as your staff. I know that because I have also dedicated my life to the hospitality industry. I know a true thing when I see it! To piggyback on that idea, It seems like Nomad has a lot of incentive programs and up-training protocols in place for all of its staff.  Also, promoting from within and really making a direct impact on the local level because so many staff are from the surrounding areas. There's an authenticity to it all that I couldn't help but notice. It was incredibly inspiring.