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Truly Love, Life and the Pursuit of Wilderness

Marilyn and I spent 4 nights at Lamai. We were offered a Room with a View which was just that. A spectacular lodge tucked into the rocks of the Kogakuria Kopje of the northern Serengeti. It's here on our game drive we had a glimpse of the leopard, the birth of a baby giraffe and lions and more. We saw what they believe was the early start of the wilderbest migration, with just 5 crossing the Mara Mara River. Dickson Mwita Mafyeke was our outstanding guide who not only let us see the wild side of the Serengeti but also allowed plenty of time to watch animal behavior, one of our favorite parts of our drives. Lawrence and James both manage to keep everything running beautifully. The entire staff do a wonderful job seeing to every detail. The daily escorters to and from our room were always a wonderful part of our time at Lamai and greatly appreciated. They have a gift shop with some very special items worth a visit and the funds go back to help the local people. The local honey is unique. This was the 3 of 4 camps we experienced with Nomad tours. Once again they have managed to deliver all they promise: Truly Life, Love and I would say the pursuit Wildness.