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We loved this lodge so much because it was so connected to nature

We fell equally in love with Nomad's Lamai Serengeti. Spectacular...As you know, I was very concerned that this time of year would be too quiet without any animals. And we saw the Big 5 in less than 12 hours. We saw 7 leopards in total, there was a pride of lions that lived within minutes from the lodge, and a tree full of baboons directly below our room. We would regularly see giraffes, zebras and elephants from our room's private deck. I can't imagine there being a place so densely packed with animals, where every game drive you would see different ones, but always SO MANY. And yet, it never felt crowded with cars or touristy.

Our A++ guide Lazaro was amazing. Please tell Nomad he is the best of the best and we love him..we heard from the other guides that he was the legend, and had been doing it for 23 years. 

We were also spoiled by what a spectacular lodge the Lamai Serengeti is...We loved this lodge so much because it was so connected to nature, with each room built into the rocks, no phones, little-to-no internet, and a hike to and from our room...And yet, it was simultaneously so elegant and high-end; the rooms were gorgeously designed, mostly-mesh to give you the full experience of being in the Serengeti, with sweeping views. The food was incredible. And every morning, we were awoken by Daniel softly knocking on our door and sliding our coffee order into a box in our room at whatever wake-up time we had requested the previous night. Each game drive, a stunning, decadent and delicious buffet of a breakfast was set up at one spectacular view or another...And again, it was the people who made it so special - we loved all of the staff who gamely tried to teach us Swahili every time we asked them, we loved our bodyguard Mr. P, and we LOVED Lazaro. We only wish we had spent more nights there, and plan to when we go back.