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We spent a long time wishing for a trip to Greystoke…

We had spent a long time wishing for a trip to Greystoke and when we finally arrived there our expectations were very high - we always try to keep them low but all the comments on this place makes it impossible. We were not disappointed at all. The feeling of getting to camp by boat from the airstrip is really "an adventure" - although with a great  VIP treatment from the first minute! Reaching the beach and looking at the green mountains with the birds and cicadas singing took our breaths away...and then we noticed the welcome party with an unusual member: no less than a pelican walking at Mark's heel!! now that was unexpected!!!

It would be too long to describe our 4 days experience there so I will try and stick to the main points...those chimps are just amazing!! We were so lucky (Mwiga our super expert super funny super friendly guide nicknamed us the "lucky group") to see the chimps during the three guided walks, plus once during our forest walk just behind camp!! We had the chance to see them grooming, resting, hunting a monkey, fishing for ants, shouting at us to warn us of a snake....Only one day we walked 45 minutes, otherwise it was just a 15 minutes stroll. Apparently it was the season and our luck.

We went to visit the Katumbi village (clinic and school sponsored by Nomad) and we felt it was good to give a little back.

We went out on the dhow in the afternoon and enjoyed the relaxing feeling of the camp. We played with "the bird" and watched monkeys and warthogs.

All meals are communal and we really liked having the chance to chat to Mark and the other guests. At sundown the guides also joined us for a chat and that was always a great time too.
the bandas (not sure how to call them) are great and so is the food- a mystery considering their location!

In a nutshell we felt privileged to be there and would recommend highly recommend it!