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What sort of place is it that combines a beachside holiday….and ready access to the chimpanzees?

Chada Katavi

Kristen and Mark, the relieving managers, were marvelous hosts. They know Chada Katavi so well, having been managers there in their own right for two years. We loved the wildness. Michael was in fact stuck in the boys’ tent for 40 minutes one afternoon when an elephant mooched around outside.

The game viewing was thin; Geoff Cousins, another Classic Safari client, said it was very thin compared to what he had seen at Chada Katavi eight years ago. But we weren’t bored: the bird life, a real interest of Jan’s, was wonderful, and we had lots of contact with a large pride, always exciting.

So we loved Chada Katavi, a very different experience. Again, it was terrific to meet Geoff, his son and daughter and an American couple as we all travelled to Greystokes togther for the last leg. We were very fortunate to spend a week with these people in western Tanzania. As a group we had quite a reputation by the time we went on to Greystokes.

Greystokes Mahale

Magic from the first time you see it. We could easily return to spend a week there, combining it with time at say Lamai where the Cousins were going after we parted ways. I’ll talk to you about that. It seems the migrations had just reached Lamai.

What sort of place is it that combines a beachside holiday with a mountain backdrop, an extraordinary sheet of fresh water and ready access to the chimpanzees? Yes we were lucky there too: on our two viewing days they were never more than 20 minutes walk from the beach.