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I sit in awe as vehicle makes its way over an expansive field in the northern Serengeti. Suddenly, we’re nose-to-nose with a herd of wildebeest.

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"Unlike Sayari’s Zen Buddhist vibe, few sites scream Africa more than Lamai Serengeti, a one-year-old per- manent camp developed by Nomad Tanzania on the rocky Kogakuria Kopje peaks, just a few miles from where the great migration across the Mara river begins. Honored with the 2013 Best New Property in Africa award, it boasts 12 sumptuously appointed thatched roof structures, each with its own wraparound deck. Resident game lingers just outside at sun up, and dur- ing the day the playful vervet monkeys can be spotted feasting on the sour plums that dangle from the native Ole Lamai trees, from which the camp gets its name."