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Award winning camps. Safaris that change lives.

At Nomad our aim is simple, but ambitious. To harness the power of our award winning safaris to create life-enhancing opportunities wherever possible. For our clients, this is the promise of a safari with Nomad. That promise extends to our people and the communities in the remote places we operate, where talent is everywhere, but opportunity is thin on the ground.

Whether inspiring dynamic careers or supporting local suppliers, using our camps for medical outreach or funding free school meals, we know our business has the power to improve lives.

And it’s this that drives everything we do at Nomad.

Nomad people

Nomad is our people. Many of us have been together from the beginning. Our family of staff is core to our success, and we are incredibly fortunate to have such a special bunch at Nomad.

Our camps

A string of camps in some of the wildest places on the planet. A front row seat to the best wildlife in Africa. Backstage is the engine room for opportunity.

Life changing experiences

A safari with Nomad is all about life-changing experiences and this remains our promise to you. Totally immersive safaris that will stay with you for a lifetime.


A. Ham

Review for entamanu-private

Two Days in Paradise

I enjoyed two days in Paradise with my family

A. & J. Gill

Review for lamai

Incredible Staff

This stay was such a highlight of our trip! The staff (especially Baraka and Ali) were all INCREDIBLE. Every aspect of our stay had such care and thought behind it and well exceeded our expectations. We cannot wait to come back!

S. Ashdown

Review for entamanu

Worth Every Minute

Amazing experience worth every minute you gave to get up earlier for.

A. M. Downey

Review for entamanu

Magical Stay

Lovely place to stay with an amazing view. The friendly hospitality and wonderful food made our stay magical.

C. Okada

Review for entamanu-private

"Incredible Memorable Stay"

The stay was so incredible that words cannot describe it adequately. The lodge is lovely and welcoming with breathtaking views. Everyone is attentive, kind, genuine, and clearly made the stay memorable. The crater was awesome with so much to see - scenery, flowers, birds, animals, mist, rain, sunsh...

N. Andrews

Review for lamai

Exceptional Guiding

Truly one of the best four days of safari I have experienced in THIRTY-THREE safaris. Exceptional guiding, the animals came to us, be patient.
Plus the food and welcome back at camp was always excellent.
Highly recommend Lamai.

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