Imagine, with an eagle’s eye, one miniature encampment of tents in Ruaha's landscape of giants.

Our understated little bush-camp has been in the beating eastern heart of the park for years, where the wildlife is most concentrated. Sorties from here, encountering the great mammals of Africa, can be thrilling and hard to tear yourself away from. So, in camp we retreat - but with Nature up very close - a quiet, canvas refuge, only disturbed by our elephant visitors. They just don’t make them like this anymore.

Shaggy thatch, light and airy traditional safari tents with star bed attached. They just don't make them like this anymore.

Each tent has space, a view and often the odd four-legged visitor that wanders by

Kigelia Ruaha has a family tent which is made up two full size en-suite tents all under the same thatch roof and ideal for families or groups of friends traveling together.

Everything you need, nothing that you don't

Kigelia Ruaha has a charm and simplicity which, for us, means that it highlights the surrounding landscape rather than detracts from it.

Frippery-free tents, where the focus is what happens outside. Doesn't mean they lack comfort though.

A herd of curious impala in Ruaha National Park.

A pair of brothers, surveying their wilderness in Ruaha National Park.

Why be indoors when you don't have to be? Photo: Robert Michael Poole

Low-tech just suits this place. We don't want to spoil it with too much paraphernalia.

Kigelia Ruaha overlooks the dry river bed of the Ifuguru River, which often attracts herds of elephants who come to dig for water.

Dining with a backdrop of baobabs at Kigelia Ruaha.

Ruaha is known for very large herds of elephants, sometimes numbering in their hundreds.

Big cats rule in these parts Photo: Robert Michael Poole

Few things are more humbling than a century-old baobab tree.

Lions move in big prides here, and some have adapted to hunting giraffe

Dining with your feet in the sand of a dry riverbed. Why? Because you can.

All creatures great, and small (which are often the most interesting)

The Rufiji River does not always flow, but when it does, it is a magnet for wildlife and a very welcome breakfast spot

Time. Time away from everything. Time with special people.

Elephants gather at the waters edge in Ruaha National Park.

Breakfast never tasted better Photo: Robert Michael Poole

The freedom to roam in entirely open vehicles

Eles are such a feature of Kigelia and the Ruaha experience

This is big cat country

Greater kudu are among Ruaha

Giraffe at canopy height Photo: Robert Michael Poole

Birdlife peaks in January to March but year round it is resplendent.

Enhancing lives at Kigelia

From enhancing dynamic careers to working with local communities and conservation projects, here are some inspiring stories from our camp in southern Tanzania.

Supporting conservation partners

Down in the south, we partner with Lion Landscapes to support the incredible work they do, and four of our Kigelia camp staff are involved in their carnivore sighting programme: eyes and ears on the ground that help them keep track of our precious predators.

Life long learning & growth

Training and development

The essence of Nomad

Spotlight on the very wonderful Ken Koskey, who's been part of the Nomad family for over 20 years.

He's a guide extraordinaire and specialist of the south, starting his career at Sand Rivers Selous where he walked the place flat, and brought alive the magic of fly-camping on the banks of the Great Rufiji River for countless guests.

He's worked in every one of our Nomad camps over the years, and is currently managing Kigelia, which he loves for its remoteness.

Southern Tanzania safaris

This is all about experience. A safari spent in the game rich plains of Ruaha, and the endless wilderness of Nyerere, the south is hard to beat.


A. Gibson

Review for kigelia

Authentic Experience with Five Star

Up close and authentic experience with five star food and service

J. Ainscough

Review for kigelia

"Amazing Stay at Kigelia"

Amazing stay at Kigelia; excellent staff, guiding and wildlife. We’re very sad to be leaving!

J. Garrido-Mirapeix

Review for kigelia

Unique, Old Fashioned Safari

Kigelia is a rather unique, old fashioned exclusive and genuine safari away from the crowds. Very special even for the experienced safari traveller. Enjoy wildlife amongst a sea of mighty baobabs, and spoiled by the always fantastic Nomad crew.

Camps visited:

R. Michels

Review for kigelia

Wonderful Stay at Kigelia

We hat a wonderful stay at Kigelia!
The landscape is beautiful, the game drives were amazing and the whole team made it a more than memorable stay. Thank you all!

J. Rosmarin

Review for kigelia

No testimonial provided.

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H. Puerta-Carlson

Review for kigelia

Beautiful Stay, Excellent Experience

I had a beautiful stay and excellent experience here at Nomad Ruaha. The whole staff was very welcoming, hospitable and kind. The tours were very thrilling and great information on the animals was provided. The camp ground was very beautiful and in sync with nature; we saw many animals near the camp...

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