In our famous jungle-chic lodge by a gin-clear lake, we live and breathe chimpanzees.

Come on a legendary journey to meet the most privileged primates on the planet: the wild chimpanzees of Mahale - and us, the trackers, guides, and helpers who share their leafy Nirvana. In the forest’s dappled sunlight, chimpanzees romp and commune around us. At the lakeshore, on a white beach, Greystoke opens its shaggy arms, hewn from vintage dhows, proffering yet another level of pleasure to all our intrepid guests.

The dining area at Greystoke Mahale, very much at the heart of camp life.

The sun setting over Lake Tanganyika from our castaway lodge, Greystoke Mahale.

A little piece of paradise that you can lose yourself in, and we know this because we

The white sand beach, backed by the Mahale Mountains. There really is no where in the world like Greystoke Mahale.

Beneath a blanket of stars, our epic Greystoke Mahale.

Six bandas, open to views of Lake Tanganyika, built of reclaimed dhow wood.

Hiking through the Mahale Mountains National Park, a park with absolutely no road access.

We delight in the small wonders in Mahale, a thriving forest of life of all shapes and sizes.

A spot to relax and watch the day draw to a close from the beach at Greystoke Mahale.

Sundowners on the top deck of our main mess area at Greystoke Mahale.

Time spent with the chimps is something pretty indescribable.

Young Figaro, an orphan who spends his days learning the ropes and vines of Mahale from his mentor Bonobo.

There really is no where in the world like Mahale.

Our camp is built from reclaimed dhow wood, collected from local villages on the lakeshore.

Our chimpanzee experts must be some of the most experienced primatology guides on the continent.

Lake Tanganyika is a vital recourse to the people living along its banks.

Fun in the Katumbi village near Greystoke Mahale which is supported by our Nomad Trust.

Chimping around at Greystoke Mahale.

Ancient forests on the banks at Lake Tanganyika in the Mahale Mountains.

Afternoons on the dhow cruising the shoreline for glimpses of gimnogenes, fish eagles, hippos and colobus monkeys.

A fully grown chimp, when he brushes past your leg, is quite an impressive creature. Photo: Henrik Egede-Larsen

Hidden high in the forest are forest pools - secret places where you can strip off and cool down.

On a clear evening, you can see all the way to the distant mountains of the Congo.

Mt Nkungwe is the highest peak in the Mahale Range, and a place of spiritual significance for the Tongwe people.

Coming face to face with your closest relatives.


Lake Tanganyika is perpetually warmed by natural springs feeding its depths.

The Mahale Mountains forest is home to chimpanzees of course, but also a plethora of other primate and wild life.


Gathering around the big table to share delicious food and good stories.

Afternoons relaxing on the chillout deck, with views all the way to the Congo.

Cruising the shoreline of Lake Tanganyika in a traditional wooden dhow.

Getting to know the individual characters, dynamics and politics of the chimpanzees with the most experienced and knowledgeable guides.

Making acquaintances with your closest relatives is always a little unnerving.

A young member of the M community of chimpanzees in the Mahale Mountains.

Swimming in forest pools in the Mahale Mountains.

Swimming in forest pools in the Mahale Mountains.

Lake Tanganyika is a uniform temperature from top to bottom; it is warmed by geothermal sources in its depths.

Our team at Greystoke Mahale, the warmest welcome on the edge of the world.

The gin clear water of Lake Tanganyika. A tonic.

Up-close and personal with wild chimpanzees. Picture: Henrik Egede-Larsen

Siesta time in the upstairs chillout deck.

Evening drinks at the Big Bird Bar is an event.

Hot showers with views of the forest.

Fresh ingredients, prepared with love.

Understated, informality; kick off your shoes and your inhibitions.

Siesta time on the upstairs chillout deck.

The exhilaration of taking the plunge into the deepest lake in the world. Bring

Designed with discretion in mind, tucked into the forest-line.

Chimpanzee society is fascinating. The Greystoke guides bring it all to life - who

A visit to the children of Katumbi Primary School, supported by the Nomad Trust.

Open-fronted bandas made from dhow wood salvaged from boats that used to ply this shoreline.

Freshly made, wholesome meals, shared around the communal dhow-wood table in the iconic Greystoke Mess.

Preparing fresh goodies for the Greystoke table.

The headland bar, named after our friend the pelican, Big Bird. A place to let the peace of the day

Dhow wood, weathered by the bare feet of fishermen and the water of the lake, finds a second life in the rooms of Greystoke Mahale.

Bathrooms that Robinson Crusoe would feel at home in, partly open to the leafy green of the encroaching forest.

Enhancing lives at Greystoke

From enhancing dynamic careers to working with local communities and conservation projects, here are some inspiring stories from our award-winning camp in western Tanzania.

When the world becomes a brighter place

Watch our moving story of Mama Selena, from Katumbi village on the outskirts of Mahale. She was struggling to read the hymn sheet in church, which really mattered, until the doctors came to town as part of our medical outreach programme.

Life long learning & growth

Wildlife education

Students journey to the legendary Greystoke

Our student safari programme runs across many of our camps and proves time after time to have a hugely positive impact on the children’s lives. Whenever possible, we facilitate student groups from surrounding villages to visit Greystoke and spend time in forests and chimp-trekking with our expert primatology guides.

These days allow the next generation to foster an appreciation of the wildlife, the habitat and wilderness we work so hard to protect.

Life long learning & growth

Supporting schools

Support for schools in Mahale

Mahale lies at the edge of the world. People here rely on fishing and agriculture, but education is a privilege and opportunities for earning an income are few and far between.

Knowing this, we put your safaris to work for a good cause. We've supported Greystoke's neighbouring Katumbi Village school and clinic for many years in the belief that health and education can change people's lives, futures and opportunities - and there's little that yields greater reward.

Life long learning & growth

Creating career paths

Our very own chimp whisperer

Many of you will recognise this cheeky grin from the slopes of the Mahale Mountains... yes, it's Butati, chimp-whisperer extraordinaire.

Butati was raised in the Greystoke locale, and his father began working with the chimps in 1965, igniting a passion in his young son that would determine the course of his life.

Butati joined us in 2014, and along with the rest of the team at Greystoke, has earned us a reputation for the best primatology guides on the continent. He’s an incredible ambassador for Nomad, and the chimps - and when he’s not with his primate family, he’s giving back to his community through our Katumbi-based projects.

Western Tanzania safaris

Our Western Tanzania camps bring a safari of extraordinary contrasts. Katavi is about remote, expeditionary safaris. Mahale takes you further off the map, to meet our chimpanzee cousins. Put simply, this is the pinnacle of life-changing safaris.


L. Van Sant

Review for greystoke

Wonderfully Unique Greystoke

Greystoke is wonderfully unique. From hiking through the jungle to see the chimps, to the spacious accommodations, to swimming in the lake, the entire experience was once-in-a-lifetime special.

L. Calkins

Review for greystoke

Best Exciting Place

This was the best most exciting place. Encountering the chimpanzees was a once in a lifetime experience that I will never forget. I would definitely love to come here again in the future.

S. Gee

Review for greystoke

Incomparable Chimp Experience

I have been waiting to visit Greystoke for some years and it was worth the wait. The chimp experience here is incomparable to anywhere else with exceptional guiding and close encounters with very relaxed animals. On top of that the lodge team, lead by the wonderful Mwiga, could not have made us more...

T. and P. Richards

Review for greystoke

"Magical Experience, Beautiful Location"

Magical experience in a beautiful location, cared for by a team of professionals who provide the highest level of service with humour!

Camps visited:

J. Schiemann and M. Dahms

Review for greystoke

"Magical" Greystoke Visit

Mahale, if you feel like you don’t use the word “magical” enough in your daily vocabulary. A visit to Greystoke will surely cure you of that.

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