Nomad’s mobile Camps

Mobile camps are the original safari concept, everything you need, nothing you don’t in a compact but comfortable and most importantly – mobile - unit that allows you to explore properly. We use our mobile camps to get off-piste in areas where few, if any other tourists visit. Places where there are no permanent camps or lodges, places where we can quietly discover the wild as we used to do at the beginning. On foot.

This is one of the few parks where you can walk and fly-camp – all that’s between you and the dark is a sheet of canvas.

Sweet dreams are indeed made of this.

Rooms are hidden among massive boulders on a little kopje - each with astonishing views over hundreds of miles of wriggling, giggling, trumpeting, roaring creatures

 A comfortable tent, hot water bucket shower, and delicious meal awaits at the end of the day and your adventure deep into the wilderness. Evenings are best enjoyed around a crackling fire under a blanket of stars listening to the nocturnal calls of the bush. There is nothing quite like it in the world.

Nomad safari guides operate the best camps in the best locations.

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