Nomad’s mobile Camps

Mobile camps are the original safari concept, everything you need, nothing you don’t in a compact but comfortable and most importantly – mobile - unit that allows you to explore properly. We use our mobile camps to get off-piste in areas where few, if any other tourists visit. Places where there are no permanent camps or lodges, places where we can quietly discover the wild as we used to do at the beginning. On foot.

In the entire park, there is not a single road, so your entire experience will be on foot. This is a wholly unique wilderness and a long way off the beaten track. But the lake, the beaches, the extraordinary forest, and of course the chimpanzees all make it a journey well worth undertaking.

The majority of safari camps and lodges are not set up for young children, but this exclusive-use sister property to the eight-room Lamai Serengeti was designed especially for them: there are two fenced-off pools (including one for infants and toddlers), the staff cook to order and game drives are when it suits.

Low-impact Entamanu is set slightly apart, but close enough to have astonishing views into the crater bowl and the Serengeti behind (the name means “circle” in the Masai language).

The Mahale Mountains in western Tanzania are famous for their chimps: there are some 800 of them here, around 75 of them habituated. Guests at this spectacular beach lodge on Lake Tanganyika are likely to spot other primate species, too, including red colobus, red-tailed monkeys and vervets. 

The hugely respected Nomad Tanzania…have chosen to build in an area of acacia trees and kigelia trees... six large canvas tents stand in a line that traces the run of the river and are spaced to ensure privacy... they are also equipped for comfort, with hot bucket showers and enormous beds.

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