Nomad’s mobile Camps

Mobile camps are the original safari concept, everything you need, nothing you don’t in a compact but comfortable and most importantly – mobile - unit that allows you to explore properly. We use our mobile camps to get off-piste in areas where few, if any other tourists visit. Places where there are no permanent camps or lodges, places where we can quietly discover the wild as we used to do at the beginning. On foot.

The Mahale Mountains in western Tanzania are famous for their chimps: there are some 800 of them here, around 75 of them habituated. Guests at this spectacular beach lodge on Lake Tanganyika are likely to spot other primate species, too, including red colobus, red-tailed monkeys and vervets. 

Sweet dreams are indeed made of this.

Get up close and personal with our genetic cousins at Greystoke Mahale. Perched treehouse-like on the sandy shores of Lake Tanganyika, it’s your base for tracking the fascinating troops of chimps that occupy the emerald Mahale Mountains.

Sweet dreams are indeed made of this.

You might say the 20-year-old Nomad Tanzania knows this corner of the world more intimately than most—which might explain how their next venture is the first to secure a previously untapped viewpoint. Six canvas bungalows, lined up along the Ngorongoro Crater Rim, feature unprecedented vistas of both the crater floor sunrises and Serengeti sunsets.

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