Standing proud above the plains, around a tumble of giant boulders.

You can see from this outcrop, the Kogakuria Kopje, for miles and miles. Over a million wildebeest cross these plains on their way to dodge the jaws of death in the Mara River, just down the track. On the Lamai Wedge, bristling with mammals all year round, there’s never a dull moment. Above it all, our beautiful kopje is a sacred wildlife haven – and our mission is to act as its faithful guardians.

Everything in our camps is locally sourced and hand made in East Africa. We think it gives our camps that extra bit of rugged flare that's uniquely Nomad.

The beautiful mess area at Lamai Serengeti, with endless views over the Serengeti plains.

Breakfast with endless Serengeti views from Lamai Serengeti.

The main bar at Lamai Serengeti, full of locally sourced and inspired interiors and the coolest place to hang out in the Serengeti.

The family room at lamai serengeti has an adjoining children's room and shared bathroom.

All the interiors at Lamai Serengeti have been designed and hand made in East Africa by talented local artisans.

A curious lion cub surveying the plains in the Serengeti National Park.

Locally sourced, fresh, tasty, home cooking at Lamai Serengeti. It is a marvel what our superb camp chefs can rustle up in the middle of nowhere.

Cheetah making the most of a higher vantage point near Lamai Serengeti.

Every design detail at Lamai Serengeti has been carefully planned to make the most of the location.

Breakfast as the sun rises over the Serengeti from Lamai Serengeti.

Almost completely open fronted rooms at Lamai Serengeti make the most of our epic location.

Dining with endless views over the Serengeti at Lamai Serengeti.

Sundowners on the kopje top at Lamai Serengeti.

Dinner under the stars at Lamai Serengeti.

A leopard in the Kogatende area around Lamai Serengeti.

Lion cub in the Northern Serengeti.

Wildebeest thunder across the Mara River, dodging the jaws of giant crocodiles in their continual search for greener pastures. Credit - Trevor Holden.

There is nothing quite as dramatic as a Serengeti sunset.

Iconic scenes with iconic giants and endless horizons in the Serengeti National Park.

Local paintings from Tanzania decorate the walls at Lamai.

Master beadwork by local Maasai.

One of the greatest wildlife spectacles on the planet - the Great Migration.

The Mara River in the Northern Serengeti.

A cheetah keeping a close eye on the wildebeest herds in the Serengeti National Park.

Endless views for miles and miles from our iconic Lamai Serengeti.

All of our interiors at Lamai Serengeti have been designed and created by hand in East Africa.

The wildebeest migration in the Serengeti National Park.

The rooms at Lamai Serengeti are designed to blend and complement our unique location on the Kogakuria Kopje.

Endless views from the Kogakuria Kopje - home to Lamai Serengeti and Mkombe

A klipspringer in the Northern Serengeti.

A young male lion in the Serengeti National Park.

Wildebeest thundering across the Mara River.

The beautiful private lounge area at Lamai Private.

The Mara River in the Northern Serengeti.

Breakfast at Lamai Private. Your own exclusive corner of Northern Serengeti.

Elephant in the Serengeti National Park.

Game drives in the Serengeti National Park.

Dining with endless views over the Serengeti at Lamai Serengeti.

The area surrounding Lamai Serengeti is home to incredible resident big game year round.

Three cheetah brothers scanning the plains in the Serengeti National Park.

The family accommodation at Lamai Serengeti is made up of two bedrooms joined by a shared bathroom. The adults room is open-fronted whilst the children

Dinner under the stars at Lamai Serengeti.

A cheetah stalks a herd of wildebeest in the Serengeti.

Buffalo on the Serengeti plains.

No comfort spared.

The swimming pool boasts amazing views over the Serengeti.

The main mess at Lamai Serengeti, decked out in all things unique and beautifully made by local artisans.

Dining al fresco at Lamai Serengeti.

Lots of light and everything you need in your en-suite bathroom.

There are four open fronted rooms at Lamai Private, all with beautiful views over the Serengeti.

An exclusive retreat for groups of friends and large families at Lamai Private.

The private swimming pool at Lamai Private, tucked away within endless Serengeti vistas.

The main mess are at Lamai Private, thoughtfully designed with small groups of friends and family in mind.

Lamai Private is tucked away along the edge of the plains at the base of the Kogakuria Kopje.

Lamai Private has it's own private crew of wonderful staff, determined to make you feel right at home in the heart of the Serengeti.

Breakfast at Lamai Private.

The view from Lamai Private stretches out across the Serengeti plains.

Each of the rooms at Lamai Private have endless views over the Serengeti.

Light, airy en-suite bathrooms at Lamai Private still make the most of the incredible views over the Serengeti plains.

Our interiors at Lamai Private are all locally sourced, organic and all handmade.

Dawn over the Serengeti from our exclusive little Lamai Private.

Your own private camp for you to do as you please. Lamai Private offers unbeatable Serengeti privacy for groups of friends and families.

A zebra glowing in the morning light in the Serengeti National Park.

A quiet corner to contemplate the Serengeti at Lamai Private.

Iconic scenes with iconic giants and endless horizons in the Serengeti National Park.

There is nothing quite as dramatic as a Serengeti sunset.

Lamai Private

Lamai’s little sister, exclusively for private groups. Our private camp comes with all the appeal and flair of our main camp, plus the benefit of privacy for you and yours.

Enhancing lives at Lamai

From enhancing dynamic careers to working with local communities and conservation projects, here are some inspiring stories from our award-winning camp in Northern Serengeti.

Poacher turned walking scout

Not only does his smile light up the world, but’s he’s a Nomad walking scout, on his way to becoming a guide. His incredible wilderness skills come from his previous life as a bushmeat poacher. We count ourselves very lucky indeed to have him among our Nomad herd.

Paulina’s journey to Lamai

Nomad sponsored Paulina’s journey through vocational training and an internship in camp – and she’s now a full-time part of the Lamai team.

Finding talent in key conservation areas

Living and farming on the edge of the Serengeti means human-wildlife conflict is inevitable. Kichawi is determined to help his family and community deal with the challenges that come from living alongside wildlife.

Life long learning & growth

Supporting schools

Free school meals in Mbilikili

Knowing the importance of the best start to early learning, we have launched our meal-a-day programme into Mbilikili, a remote village on the edge of northern Serengeti. This provides over 100 children one square meal a day and the best possible start on their education journey.

Conservation & environment

Supporting environmental projects

Conservation support for Serengeti De-snaring

Nomad is very proud to be one of the first operators to engage with this conservation programme. For each night spent at Lamai we donate $1 to the programme and look to top-up with further donations from our shop and massage profits. To date, we have donated over $10,000 but more importantly facilitated a programme that is making a serious dent in on the illegal trapping and poaching of wildlife in the Serengeti.

Life long learning & growth

Supporting schools

Style and substance across our camps

Since we started, we've always made a point of using local suppliers and artisans to furnish our award-winning camps. Comfy sofas and shaggy lampshades that adorn Lamai’s lounge are made by a lady named Eliza. She is a local basket weaver whose talent was spied by Jo Cooke, Nomad interior designer extraordinaire. Jo worked with Eliza to perfect her design and workmanship, and now our camps are filled with pouffes, placemats and woven wonders of all sorts. Not only do they represent local craftmanship, but they also support a mother who can now send her children to school.

Conservation & environment

Supporting environmental projects

Eco-friendly sisal brushes made with love

Small details that make a big difference.

We're immensely proud of these humble cleaning devices: the next step on our mission to get our kitchens plastic-free.

We met Fatma, a lovely lady who works in a sisal factory in Tanga on the Tanzanian coastline. She introduced us to Abdul, who is a woodworker. We set them the task of creating the perfect scourer and brush with handle and interchangeable head - and after a bit of back and forth, they nailed it.

Northern Tanzania safaris

Our Northern Tanzania camps are in enviable locations that mean we can take you deeper into this epic wilderness and create life changing experiences.


D. Bletsoe

Charming Hospitable Lodge

A most charming and hospitable lodge with breath taking views and the amazing wildlife of the Serengeti. Visited in February when few others about and we were so well looked after. Thank you.

Camps visited:

A. Piedrahita

Lamai is a Dream

Lamai is a dream. The service was exceptional. We felt so at home with the staff. They anticipated our every need. It was a very special stay and we highly recommend the Lamai.

M. Wise & M. Spanjian

Magical Location, Generous Staff

Our stay at Entamanu was in short: perfect. The location is nothing short of magical. The staff is so generous and thoughtful. The rooms are breathtaking and the food is world class. We wouldn’t change a thing about our stay. Huge thanks to Jonathan and his amazing crew for such a perfect trip. We w...

L. Sullivan

Beautiful Accommodations & Wildlife

Entamanu is beautiful! The game drive through Ngorongoro Crater was top notch & the timing perfect. Amazing dramatic scenery and thriving with wildlife. The accommodations are my favorite design, I’ve even taken photos to get inspiration for my home! Gorgeous, quiet, lush and peaceful. The Maasai bo...

B. Furlow

Truly Magical Experience

Lanai Serengeti is truly magical. The entire team are thoughtful and attentive. The location and facilities excellent and the food superlative. A really special few days

R. & C. Gehringer

Wonderful Place, Excellent Food

A wonderful place, embedded into nature with excellent food! The people were so friendly. Our big “Thank you” goes to Moody who takes care of everything!

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