Ruaha National Park

one of the last great unspoilt wildlife meccas of Africa

Ruaha is where Nomad can be very Nomad. It's the largest national park in Tanzania -nearly 50% bigger than the Serengeti, yet with a tenth of the number of visitors. That makes us pioneers, bringing critical tourist incomes to a little visited park, a secret Africa that is properly wild. This untouched kind of territory suits us down to the ground, bringing out the explorer in us.

Amongst its lonely plains, sweeping sand rivers and swathes of woodland, elephants occur in large herds.There are abundant predators: lions, leopard, hunting dog, hyena. And great crocodiles in the Ruaha River, the park’s lifeblood. It’s also fantastic walking and driving country for our guides - who are a particularly independent-minded lot, and have the freedom of these vast, diverse tracts of habitat.

Our Camps in Ruaha National Park

Experience Fly camping

Fly camping is a wonderful surprise, best left unexplained. If you ask us it’s simple. You have to try it.

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When to go

 Dry season  Green season  Closed
When to go green


Vibrant colour, full of life

When to go wildlife Best season for migratory birds and flowers – a spectacular display of vibrant colour. Baobabs are covered in new leaves and flowers the rivers are in spate. Elephant move to higher ground and disperse. Still a good chance of seeing resident species

When to go weather Warm with a good chance of heavy rain, often punctuated by sunshine. Can be hot during the day.


Vibrant colour, full of life

When to go wildlife Larger herds of elephant and buffalo disperse, sightings of cheetah go up and there’s still plenty of resident game. Trees are in flower and birds in breeding plumage, and plenty of migrants. Walking may be limited due to high grass.

When to go weather Warm with humid afternoons and the odd shower.


Lush, vibrant and beautiful

When to go wildlife The Camp closes half way through the month. Game viewing is much like January & February - bursting with flowers, greenery and birds, with good opportunities to see resident game. Walking may be limited due to long grass.

When to go weather Warm with humid afternoons and more rain expected.


Camp Closed


Camp Closed


Dry season approaching

When to go wildlife As the bush starts to thin, we see the big herds beginning to form as the buffalo move south and the elephants come down from the highlands. In pursuit of the buffalo come the lion…this is the richest time of year for wildlife viewing.

When to go weather The rains have come to an end by now but the vegetation usually remains green and beautiful for a short while before leaves start to fall in July. Still temperate but beginning to cool slightly.


Dry, warm, great wildlife

When to go wildlife Dry season and wildlife congregates along rivers. Herds of hundreds of buffalo elephant are not uncommon, nor are leopard, lion and cheetah. Walking is easier and the dry river beds often make useful pathways through the bush.

When to go weather Dry and warm with almost no chance of rain.


Peak dry season, great wildlife

When to go wildlife Fabulous game viewing. The trees have now mostly shed their leaves. This is when the roan and sable venture down from the highlands so these next two months present the best opportunity to see these rare antelope.

When to go weather Warm days, cool mornings and evenings, no rain.


Dry, warming up, great game

When to go wildlife While the Ruaha River flows year round, it’s at its lowest in Sept/Oct and the hippo pods may be more concentrated now. This is still a great month for Ruaha’s speciality: elephant, plus herds of buffalo and growing prides of lion.

When to go weather The weather starts to warm up now and the landscape has assumed its dry mantel.


Hottest month, most intense wildlife

When to go wildlife This is the hottest month in Ruaha, but also possibly the most intense for wildlife. The diminishing water and green vegetation encourage game to congregate along the still- green river lines and the birding is also excellent.

When to go weather Hot, dry, short grass.


Return of the rains, wildlife still excellent

When to go wildlife The bush will not green up for a while so it’s still a great month to view wildlife and birds alike as they congregate around available water sources. Walking is good now as the grass is short, though you can expect the odd shower.

When to go weather The rains return this month, normally early in the mornings, and it can be humid in the afternoons.


Rains return but so worth a visit

When to go wildlife There is still plenty to see and so it’s worth getting out and about in search of big and small game alike.

When to go weather Walking is still possible as the grass is still short, despite the green flush that may be evident. Weather is still warm during the day but more humid.