Northern Tanzania has long been a favourite stomping ground for us Nomad folk and we know this region better than most.

This is a route that is well trodden in Tanzania, so it is important to us you see it as we did all those years ago.

Our Northern Tanzania camps are in enviable locations that mean we can take you deeper into this epic wilderness. Let us transport you into our wilderness and show you the hidden gems on the roads less travelled.

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Serengeti Safari Camp

Serengeti Safari Camp



Mkombe's House

Mkombe's House





Expeditionary walking camp

Expeditionary walking camp

About the area

The Tarangire bush is scattered with baobab trees, this land’s standing stones, and spread amongst them are herds of elephant and buffalo, often in their hundreds. The habitat is rich and varied: great grassy swamps, dense woodland, tall grass, and the snaking Tarangire River, home to a plethora of animals and birdlife. Which makes it perfect lion, leopard - and Nomad territory.

With less distance to cover than in the Serengeti, this is safari slow time. In Tarangire, there is time to spend hours observing the natural world in intricate detail.


Our light-footed bush camp – Kuro

Full of heart and soul, and tucked into a grove of secluded riverside bush, it is so much at one with the wild that animals hardly look up as they do their thing around us.

Tarangire Kuro copyright Scott Ramsay www Love W Ild Africa com 100

Don’t miss out Tarangire

We would always stand up for Tarangire, it is a big and bold but under the radar somewhat people rush for the Crater and Serengeti. Now is the time to slow down and start your safari in this hidden gem, you’ll not be disappointed – elephants in their hundreds, a birder’s dream with over 550 species and the Silale swamp is a magnet for all wildlife with the main source of water.

Recommended stay: 3 nights

Expect to pay: $750 - $975 per person per night

About the area

Easily accessible from Tarangire, the three-million-year-old Ngorongoro Crater was once a gigantic volcano that some suggest was even higher than Mt Kilimanjaro. The resident wildlife is diverse and easily tracked – cheetah, elephant, hyena, hippo, lion, leopard, and a vast array of bird life.


Enjoy our wild hideaway - Entamanu

Entamanu and Entamanu Private sit on the remote north-western corner of the Crater rim, off the beaten track, in Maasai territory. We were adamant when we chose to nest up here that it would be a place to experience the Crater of old. Far from the crowds, tucked away and remote.

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Expect to pay: $820 - $1,190 per person per night

About the area

There’s good reason the Serengeti is one of the best-known safari destinations in the world, even without the wildebeest, the density of animals is beyond belief. The wildebeest migration tends to be the headline act but in the company of a good guide you’ll get into wild areas and discover all aspects of this wilderness.


Our mobile migration chasing camp – Serengeti Safari Camp

If any camp epitomizes Nomad’s light-footed, restless nature, it’s this one. The canvas home from home and indomitable crew are on the move, season by season to follow the herds, year-round. We up and move our camp guided by the migration and leave no trace. Think campfires, bucket showers and a camp light on its feet but rest assured you don’t go short on creature comforts while experiencing the super-herd of a million and half wildebeest.

Serengeti’s smallest and most stylish lodge - Lamai

Standing proud above the Kogakuria Kopje, you’ll find the Serengeti’s most stylish camp, just a few miles from the Mara River crossings.

Our vision for Lamai was ‘See, but don’t be seen’. Each room is carefully tucked away among the rocks with panoramic views of the northern Serengeti plains across to the Maasai Mara beyond.

Lovingly designed for close families and friends – Mkombe’s House

It doesn’t get much better than this: hanging out together in the world’s greatest mammal habitat, completely free from other people and schedules. The African bush as your backyard and your Nomad private guide to get you out here.

Recommended stay: 3 - 5 nights

Expect to pay: $750 - $1,610 per person

Private guide and vehicle included, as standard for all Nomad safaris

We’re hugely proud of our guides. The are the best in the business., and most have been with us since the beginning. And where they stand is between you, and all the wild potential your adventure holds.

We’ve always said that a privately guided safari is the best safari you can have. Which is why every safari with Nomad gets a private guide, as standard.

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We tailor all our safaris to your particular requirements, but we understand that it's useful to have an idea of what works best, what’s available and a ballpark cost. Have a flick through our safari itineraries and get in touch to get the ball rolling.


A. Del Punta

Review for mkombes-house

Fantastic Site

Nomad really has a fantastic site. Well taken care of in detail. For me it's fantastic

D. Tanianis

Review for entamanu

"Amazing Accommodations and Staff"

Amazing location, amazing accommodations and staff

A. Siegel

Review for lamai

Loved Every Minute

Wonderful staff excellent facility we loved every minute of our stay.

J. Field

Review for lamai-private

Magical Place, Spectacular Game

Lamai is a truly wonderful and magical place. The staff are incredibly friendly, engaging and helpful. The rooms are beautiful, such comfortable beds and powerful hot showers! Obviously the game driver were absolutely spectacular. Like nowhere else on earth.

J. Cave

Review for entamanu

Perfect Location, Spectacular Views

The Entamanu lodge is in a perfect location on the crater rim. The views are spectacular and the proximity to the descending road is an advantage to those who want to get into the crater early. The newly renovated rooms are very spacious and comfortable. The food was delicious and the service excell...

R. Posner

Review for entamanu

Amazing Camp Experience

We loved our entire Entamanu experience! It is an amazing camp staffed by a very special team.

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